iRTG Program SoSe 2017 – Overview

Doctoral students seminars

April 4th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Felix Hoffmann on “Competition between Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Forces in the Central Core Region of Amyloid β Fibrils” (abstract)

May 16th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Martha Schulz on “Effects of molecular dynamics on morphology and properties of αc-relaxation”

June 13th, at UL (Linnéstr. 5, SR 225):

Torsten John on “Amyloid peptide aggregation near gold interfaces and membranes”

July 18th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Mareen Schäfer on “NMR investigations of dynamics in the different phases of semicrystalline polymers”

August at UL:

Tobias Thalheim on “Applying principal components analysis to single DNA molecules in a thermophoretic trap”

September 5th at MLU (VDP3, SR 1.09):

Martin Himmelreich on “The Coupled Folding and Binding Reaction of pKID/KIX”

 Advanced Training Modules


Soft skill seminars

Supplementary Study