[BEAM] Statistical literacy and R (Januar 13-14, 2022)

Our partner graduate school BEAM offers an online complementary skills workshop on statistics and R. It will cover the following topics:

Management of R objects, workspace, Help system, R packages, data types, Working with GUI RStudio, importing and exporting of data, Importing/exporting foreign formats such as SPSS datasets or .*cho, Summary statistics, dealing with missing data, Modify data set structures, Extracting partial data sets (split, submit, which), Working with tables: Row sums, column sums, Frequency tables, Graphical representation of frequency tables, Special table functions, Overview on graphic types, Layout and graphic design, graphics output, Algorithms in Data Science, Data import, processing, modelling and visualization, Overview about the classification of algorithms in Machine Learning.

The workshop will take place online in English. Please contact Imme Sakwa-Waltz in case you are interested!