[UL] Mental health awareness days (November 2-4, 2021)

Working in the academic environment can be quite stressful and we shouldn’t forget to also take care of our mental well-being. The Leipzig University in cooperation with HIGRADE graduate school and yDiv is organizing a digital theme week that is aimed at researchers at all career levels and offers different formats, e.g. short activating morning sessions and academic exchange.

You find the detailed programme and access links here (all events in English, no registration needed): https://www.uni-leipzig.de/en/event-detail/artikel/mental-health-awareness-days-2021-11-02/

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[DFG] DFG Funding Opportunities for Postdocs (November 9, 2021, 14.00-15.30)

The DFG offers a short webinar concerning their funding options for the postdoctoral phase.

Germany’s largest independent research funding organisation offers funding opportunities for all career stages between doctorate and professorship. Join our online talk and get to know the DFG and its funding portfolio for postdocs in Germany. We will give you a quick overview about the Walter Benjamin, the Emmy Noether and the Heisenberg Programme, as well as the Individual Research Grant with a temporary position for principal investigators. We will also provide advice on how to prepare your proposal and what happens once you submit it to the DFG.

Registration here.

[UL] Equal Opportunities in Research Collaborations (November+December 2021)

The SFB1052, the SFB1199, the SFB1423 and the TRR67 pool gender equality measures, ideas and offers to sustainably establish the common goal of promoting equal opportunities in research collaborations. The pooling strategy enables gender equality activities directly oriented towards the centres’ needs and provides a collaborative exchange platform. The varied workshops and training programs will be combined with an opening lecture about the personal career path of a female scientist working in the research alliance. The lectures and the talks are in English language

More information and registration here!

Effective Visual Communication of Science (November 25-26, 2021)

You will learn to effectively communicate your own scientific ideas and results by applying best visual communication practices to your research communication. You will understand the principles and useful design approaches used by experts. You will get actionable advice and feedback on your own pre-submitted materials. It is an immersive webinar, structured, easy to follow, memorable, useful and fun.

Date: November 25 (9.00-16.30) + November 26 (9.00-13.30)
Location: Online workhop via zoom
Group size: 20

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Introduction to Python (October 27-28, 2021)

In recent years Python has become more and more popular. According to the Tiobe Index it is about to overtake Java and to be the number two in the list of the most important programming language in the world. In the fields of numerical programming and Machine Learning, Python is the leader. It is not just easier to learn than other languages but programs in Python can also be faster written and are characterized by their easy readability. One of the reasons for this are the user-friendly data structures and the easy to grasp syntax.

Date: October 27+28, 2021 (9.00-17.00)
Location: Online workhop via zoom
Group size: 12 (joint workshop with Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry)

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