Doctoral Students Seminar SoSe 2016

date/time speaker title location
12. April 2016 3.30pm Kurz NMR-Investigations of Semicrystalline Polymer Systems PEO and PCL MLU, VDP 3, SR 1.03
10. May 2016 3.30pm Böker Thermodynamic simulation of single proteins by Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo MLU, VDP3 SR 1.09
14. June 2016 3.00pm Bekçioğlu Proton Dynamics and Water Wires from First-Principles Calculations (rehearsal) MLU, VDP3, SR 1.03
05. July 2016 Frenzel Molecular dynamics and charge transport in Polymeric Ionic Liquids UL, Linnestr. 5, SR 221
23. Aug 2016 Kordts Spectroscopic characterization of the hydrophobin-SC3-self-assembly process at interfaces MLU, VDP 3, SR 1.03
20. Sep 2016 Wicht Conformational dynamics of α-helices follow an Einstein-type 1-D boundary diffusion mechanism. UL, Linnestr. 5, SR 221

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