Presentation and Rhetoric (January 23-24, 2018)

More than ever, sophisticated presentation skills are vital to one’s professional career in academia.

Junior scientists are regularly called upon to present the results of their research, rarely being given formal training in presentation skills.

The main focus of this workshop is to help you to master the art of persuasive and compelling presentations and to enhance your rhetorical skills. The workshop offers simple and practicable tools for getting your message across memorably, structuring your material and coping with challenging situations. We will practice best-practice examples of effective nonverbal communication and engaging storytelling, looking beyond scientific presentations. We shall also discuss the peculiarities of German communication styles in academia and compare them with British and American presentation styles.

This workshop will help you to enhance your individual public speaking style. With extensive time for exercises, rehearsing and feedback discussions, participants will receive a ‘toolbox’ of individual techniques for their scientific presentations.

Target audience

Doctoral students, PostDocs


  • The importance of the first impression and individual appearance: How to come across as relaxed, confident and professional during your presentation
  • Developing clear and persuasive content to keep audience attention
  • Do’s and dont’s of power point
  • The power of words: Rhetorical devices and storytelling for scientific presentations
  • Creating a solid structure and providing a framework for your presentation with storytelling
  • Lively presentation openings and powerful endings
  • Confident and expressive body language: The parameters of nonverbal communication
  • Handling nerves and disruptions; dealing with difficult and critical questions

Terms and Applications

Date and time:  10am-5pm (January 23, 2018) and 9am-5pm (January 24, 2018)
Group size: maximal 12
Workshop language: English

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, SR: 5.10
06120 Halle


Dr. Michael Gordian

Registration complete

Please contact in case of questions.

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