Silbersalz19 Science & Media Festival, Halle (June 20-23, 2019)

SILBERSALZ is the first international science film festival of its kind, taking place in 2019 from 20. until 23. June 2019 for the second time in Halle.

As a combination of festival and conference, SILBERSALZ makes science accessible in a clear and vivid fashion while simultaneously serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration.

The aim of SILBERSALZ is to provide the general public with access to scientific topics and to allow them to ask questions, thereby promoting a lively and active engagement with science in general.

The SILBERSALZ program is extensive, varied and is aimed at anyone who is interested, whether young or old, layman or expert, science fan or skeptic.

from website of Silbersalz19

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