Introduction to Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (October 6-7, 2020)


This module addresses doctoral students in chemistry, physics, biophysics, and related fields without much prior knowledge or experience in scattering theory and experiments. It introduces the basic theoretical and technical concepts of applications of x-ray small angle and wide angle scattering in polymer science.


During the first day of the two-day program the necessary theoretical knowledge will be communicated in a series of lectures accompanied by discussions of  selected applications and problems. The program of the 2nd day will consist of hands-on experiments and demonstrations in the lab followed by a tutorial in which the acquired knowledge will used for the analysis of the measured data.


  • Basic principles of scattering theory: relation between real space structures and scattering patterns, crystal lattices and Bragg reflections, effect of small crystal size, disorder effects, particle scattering.
  • Technical aspects of x-ray scattering: x-ray sources, monochromators, detectors, typical experimental setups.

Hands-on lab course:

  • Wide angle x-ray scattering: exemplary scattering patterns of a semicrystalline polymer, determination of crystal lattice parameters, crystal size and crystallinity (qualitative).
  • Small angle x-ray scattering: Scattering from polymer solutions (determination of size of a protein, study of mesoscopic structures (semicrystalline morphology)

Recommendations for literature

  • R.J. Roe, Methods of X-Ray and neutron scattering in polymer science, Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 2000
  • Textbooks on solid state physics, e.g. Kittel, Ashcroft Mermin,….


Date: October 6-7, 2020
Time: 9-18
Venue: MLU
Group size: maximal 12
Language: English


Prof. Dr. Thurn-Albrecht, Dr. Maria Ott, Dr. Oleksandr Dolynchuk, Dr. Silvia De Sio, Mohammad Fahimi, Robert Kahl




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