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Doctoral students seminar (August 16, 2022)

Synthesis of Enediyne-Containing Polymers and their Applications via Bergman Cyclization
by Yue Cai


Towards experimental detection of crystallization in individualized polymer chains by dielectric spectroscopy
by Wing-Kit Or

chair: Christian

hybrid seminar: seminar room 224 (ground floor), Linnéstr. 5, Leipzig + zoom
date: August 16, 15.00


5th iRTG workshop (November 21-22, 2022) POSTPONED

During our iRTG retreat, we will work on two central points: the experimental and theoretical techniques to study synthetic polymers and biopolymer systems and the career options of natural scientists.

Dates and l0cation

Date: November 21 – 22, 2022
Location: Leucorea Wittenberg

Doctoral students seminar (July 11, 2022) – postponed

Torsten John will give a summary of his PhD project Amyloid peptides near biologically relevant interfaces (project B01 of our SFB) and share his experiences from the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting that he attended the week before.

hybrid seminar: 1.16 at VSP1 (Halle) + zoom
date: July 11, 15.00


[BEAM] Voice and Body (June 14-15, 2022)

Integral to voice and body training is the central idea that physical and vocal dynamics are connected to the speaker’s motivation and to the importance of the information being communicated. The trainer has a professional theatre background, which is a unique benefit for the participants to help identify the verbal challenges of each speaker, giving attention to breath, articulation, intonation, volume, modulation and tempo. The Training is given to improve non-verbal aspects such as gesture, positioning, distance, eye contact and relationship with media. The trainer input will provide the opportunity to gain new insights in effective communication and learn how to present yourself more effectively and to make the best impression and strongest impact.
Participants monitor their improvement and implement feedback through active role-play exercises in which they present themselves.


Insights behind the CV: Kirstin Erath (24.06.2022, 12.30-14.00)

You are warmly invited to join the informal career talk by Kristin Erath! Successful scientists share their experiences as a woman in natural science and tell the story behind their official CV. After the talk there will be enough time for informal discussion and networking.

Target audience are (female) natural scientists from our university and related institutes. Male scientist are invited as well since most career issues and the balance of academic career and family also affect men.

Date: June 24, 2022
VDP 3, room 1.12

3G only: vaccinated, recovered or (self-)tested! (So, we can enjoy some snacks!)

[BEAM] How to get up after falling down (July 7, 2022)

In this workshop, we discuss the many ways in which things can go wrong and we clarify what failure means to each of us, individually. Then we reflect on how we can respond to failure and use it to get better. In the end, it is all about getting up once more than falling down.

Coach: Rebecca Waldecker
Date: Thursday, July 07, 2022
Time: 8am – 11am
Venue: VSP1 5.10

Please register by sending an email to


Doctoral students seminar (June 21, 2022)

Molecular structure of long n-alkanes in phospholipid membranes
by Anika Wurl


Dimerization of Polyglutamine chains within the PRIME20 model
by Christian Lauer

hybrid seminar: VSP1, room 1.02 (Halle) + zoom
date: June 21, 14.30
chair: Afiq