Gain Clarity on your Next Career Steps (September 30, 2021)

Webinar on how to transition successfully after a PhD/Postdoc
Date: September 30, 12.00-13.00
Location: Zoom

Do you ever ask yourself

  • What am I going to do after PhD/ Post-doc/ etc?
  • Should I stay and pursue an academic career?
  • Should I go and pursue one of the 100s of “alternative” careers outside of academia?
  • What would be a good fit for me?
  • Where do I start the process of career transitioning?
  • Where do I find the positions?

Then join us for the webinar!

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Alumni meeting (August 28, 2021)

Our annual alumni meeting will take place on Saturday, August 28, 2021. We will meet in Moritzkunstcafé (Halle) from 6 p.m. The alumni meeting aims at the establishment of links and to foster the exchange between former and current iRTG members. Former members will talk about their career steps in industry or academia.

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