Gain Clarity on your Next Career Steps (September 30, 2021)

Webinar on how to transition successfully after a PhD/Postdoc
Date: September 30, 12.00-13.00
Location: Zoom

Do you ever ask yourself

  • What am I going to do after PhD/ Post-doc/ etc?
  • Should I stay and pursue an academic career?
  • Should I go and pursue one of the 100s of “alternative” careers outside of academia?
  • What would be a good fit for me?
  • Where do I start the process of career transitioning?
  • Where do I find the positions?

Then join us for the webinar!

Dr. Amani Said will take you through the necessary steps to be able to answer some of these vital questions about your career as a scientist.
As a result of this webinar you will understand what are the main factors you need to set the foundation of a successful career transition and career development as a scientist.You will learn 

  • What you need to gain more clarity on your career path.
  • How to develop a growth-mindset and achieve any career goals you have in mind.

Amani Said is on a mission to empower scientists in launching their dream careers and leveraging their Ph.D. to make a real impact in our society.

She completed her Ph.D. studies in Developmental Biology at the Max-Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany. Today, she is applying 16 years of experience as a scientist and educator to train, coach and empower scientists in achieving their career goals.

Amani has designed a unique online career coaching program specifically to support PhD candidates and postdocs to make a successful career transition. As a result of taking the program, scientists create a strong professional identity, gain clarity about their skills, values, goals and which career path is ideal for them via learning all the necessary career development tools, while developing a growth mindset.

“Your Career is like a never-ending experiment, be Curious, Explore and Enjoy the Re-Search – Amani Said”