Presentation and Rhetoric (January 23-24, 2018)

More than ever, sophisticated presentation skills are vital to one’s professional career in academia.

Junior scientists are regularly called upon to present the results of their research, rarely being given formal training in presentation skills.

The main focus of this workshop is to help you to master the art of persuasive and compelling presentations and to enhance your rhetorical skills. Continue reading “Presentation and Rhetoric (January 23-24, 2018)”

Dr. Kasegoankar, Ajay – Macromolecular chemistry (Binder, MLU)

Title: Synthesis of Complex Polyester-Architectures and their Crystallization

Date of defence: September 14, 2017


  • Synthesis of polymers
  • Click chemistry
  • Ring-Opening Polymerization (ROP)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Gel-Permeations-Chromatography (GPC)

iRTG meeting (September 20, 2017)

The next iRTG meeting will take place on September 20, 2017. We will meet at Leucorea in Wittenberg at 1.30pm.

The following topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Welcome new members and update of alumni
  • iRTG program WiSe 2017/18
  • Doctoral students seminar
  • Alumni meeting (summary & future plans)
  • next iRTG workshop in Wittenberg
  • Election of iRTG representatives
  • Miscellaneous (RISE program)
  • Upcoming events

Introduction to Rheology (October 10-11, 2017)


This module addresses doctoral students in chemistry, physics, biophysics, and related fields without much prior knowledge or experience in rheological theory and experiments. It introduces the basic theoretical and technical concepts of applications of rheology in polymer science.


During the first half day of the two-day program the necessary theoretical knowledge will be communicated in a series of lectures accompanied by discussions of  selected applications and problems. The program of the second half of the first day and the 2nd day will consist of hands-on experiments and demonstrations in the lab followed by a tutorial in which the acquired knowledge will used for the analysis of the measured data.
Continue reading “Introduction to Rheology (October 10-11, 2017)”

[TRR67] Module “Cell Methods – basic” from 27-29 September 2017 in Leipzig

This course will provide you with an overview of special techniques of cellular functional analysis, e.g. advantages and disadvantages of various cell culture systems, their fields of application and limitations.

For more information on the module, please follow the link: Cell-Methods 2017.

If you want to attend the seminar, please register until 20 September.

Compact Course “Basic teaching“ (November 28-29, 2017)

In the compact course you get an introduction to the fundamentals of academic teaching. Special emphasis is put on teaching in natural sciences and on the “Four Laws”.

Continue reading “Compact Course “Basic teaching“ (November 28-29, 2017)”

Career workshop: Know your competencies – find your job (February 27-28, 2018)

Careers in German universities and research institutes are difficult. Towards the end of your PhD or at the beginning of your postdoctoral years you need to decide whether you like to continue your career up to the professor or if you leave academia and public funded research institutes. This step is difficult to the biggest part of PhD-students because until then they did not find or try alternative career paths.

Continue reading “Career workshop: Know your competencies – find your job (February 27-28, 2018)”

Good scientific practice seminar (November 14, 2017)

Every scientist doing research at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and Leipzig University has to comply with the rules of good scientific practice.

In this workshop principles of good scientific practice, e.g. professional standards such as honesty and openness, as well as data preparation and documentation will be discussed.
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Regular lectures MLU – WiSe 2017/18


Introduction to polymer physics – Thurn-Albrecht/Ott
[M.Sc. Phy]
Wed 10.15-11.00, VDP3 3.16
Thu 10.15-11.45, VDP3 1.12

Bildgebung und CT – Laufer
[M.Sc. Med. Phy]
Mon 10-17, VDP3 1.04 (13.03., 20.03. and 27.03.2018)
Tue 8-12 (14.03., 21.03. und 28.03.2018)

Biophysik – Balbach
[M.Sc. Phy]
Wed 12.15-13.45, VDP3 1.04

Konzeptionen, Gestaltung und Reflexion von Fachunterricht – Rabe
[M.Ed. Phy]
Wed 8.15-9.00, HW8 501

Statistische Physik – Henk
[M.Ed. Phy]
Tue 10.15-11.45, VSP1 1.02

Thermodynamik – Chotorlishvili
[M.Sc. Phys]
Thu 12.15-13.45, VSP1 1.02

Physikal. Methoden Strukturaufklärung – Woltersdorf
[B.Sc. Phys]
Fri 8.15-9.45, VDP3 1.06

Einführung in die NMR-Spektroskopie – Saalwächter/Hempel/Balbach
[M.Sc. Phy]
Mon 14.15-15.45, VDP3 1.06

Einführung zur Physik der Oberflächen und Nanostrukturen – Widdra
[M.Sc. Phy]
Mon 16.15-17.00 and  Thu 12.15-13.45, VDP3 1.12


Physikalische Chemie (Thermodyn./Kinetik/Elektrochem.) – Bacia
[B.Sc. Chem]
Fri 13.00-15.30, VDP4 1.27

Physikalische Chemie I – Hinderberger
[B.Sc. Chem]
Wed 8.15-9.45, VSP1 1.26
Thu 8.15-9.45, Ch TLS 1.01

Physikalische Chemie der Polymere – Kreßler
Tue 15.15-16.45, VDP4 1.27

Quantenchemie – Sebastiani
Tue 10.00-13.00 VDP3 1.12

Grundlagen der Chemie der Polymere und Makromoleküle – Binder
[B.Sc Chem]
Mon 13.15-14.45, VDP1 2.12

Polymere Materialien – Döhler
[B.Sc. Chem]
Tue 15.15-16.45, VDP1 2.12

Polymersynthese – Binder
[M.Sc. Chem]
Wed 10.00-12.00, VDP4 1.27

Polymeranalytik – Binder
[M.Sc. Chem]
Thu 10.00-12.00, VDP1 3.16

Chemoenzymatik – Weissenborn
[M.Sc. Chem]
Thu 8.15-9.45, KM2 313

Biophysikalische Methoden – Bacia
[M.Sc. Chem]
Tue 13.15-14.45, VDP3 1.12

Thermodynamik der Mischphasen – Kreßler
[M.Sc. Chem]
Mon 13.15-14.45, VDP4 1.27

Molekülspektroskopie – Hinderberger
[M.Sc. Chem]
Mon 10.15-11.45, VDP4 1.27

Spezial- und Hybridpolymere – Binder
[M.Sc. Chem]
Compact course, January 2018

Grundlagen der Chemiedidaktik – Prokoph
[M. Ed. Chem]
Wed 8.15-9.45, KM2 224/217 bi-monthly

Polymer materials science

Introduction to Materials Physics – Androsch
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Wed 12.15-13.45, VDP4 1.27

Mathematical and Theoretical Concepts for Polymer Science – Busse/Saalwächter
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Tue 10.15-11.45, VDP4 1.27

Introduction to Macromolecules – Kreßler
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Mon 15.15-16.45, VDP4 1.27

Organic Chemistry and Polymer Synthesis – Binder
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Tue 13.15-14.45, VDP1 2.12

Polymer Processing – Michel
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Wed 10.15-11.45, VDP3 1.04

Instrumental Analytics of Polymers – Reinhold
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Fri 07:30-12.30, bi-monthly, MER Hg/E/0/14

Polymer Reaction – Bartke
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Mon 8.30-10.00, VDP1 2.12

Polymer Materials – Androsch
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Mon 11.15-12.45, VDP3 1.06

Modern Concepts of Polymer and Biopolymer Synthesis – Binder/Kreßler
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Tue 8.15-9.45, VDP3 1.06

Modern Physical Polymer Science – Saalwächter/Paul/Hinderberger/ Thurn-Albrecht/Ott
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Tue 13.15-14.45, VSP1 3.04

Polymer in Industry – Michel
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Wed 8.15-9.45, VDP3 3.16

Elastomeric Materials – Reincke
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Fri 9.15-10.45, MER 131/3/305

Polymer Computer Modelling – Sebastiani
[M.Sc. PolyMat. Sci]
Compact course for two weeks, starting


Innovations- und Gründungsmanagement – Hübner/Hummel
Fri 13.10.2017 14.00-17.30
Fri 20.10.2017 09.00-17.30
Fri 03.11.2017 und 10.11.2017 09.00-16.00
Fri 08.12.2017 und 19.01.2018 14.00-16.30
all at room 122 (aka 
29) [WiWi]