Effective Presentation (January 13 – 14, 2022)

Science is mostly production of high quality data. However, presentation of data is arguably of similar importance: after generation of results, you want to convey the information to your fellow scientists, be it in the form of talks and posters at conferences or in manuscript for great publications. Presenting for the lay public is of outstanding importance not only to get understood but to get a job.

Target audience

Doctoral students, PostDocs

Time and Applications

Date: January 13-14, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Online workshop
Group size: maximal 12
Workshop language: English


Dr. Alexander Schilling


The workshop usually is open to all interested PhD students but members of the iRTG of the SFB TRR 102 will be given priority. All applicants will be chosen depending on their registration time in chronological order.

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