English Writing Day (May 9, 2022)

You have to publish papers in journals, it’s an essential part of research. To help you there´s our “Writing Day“. This Writing Day provides you with the experience and feedback that´s key to improving your scientific English writing, recognizing problems and solving them.

The idea of our Writing Day is that Dr Andrew Davis gives you comprehensive feedback on your writing plus an introduction to good scientific writing.

The process is as follows. First, you send your texts to Dr Davis. Then Dr Davis examines and reviews these texts for language proficiency, structure, comprehensiveness and style. After about a week, he sends the texts back with notes and comments. Then he will present a short introduction to good scientific writing in Leipzig or in Halle. After that he will help each of you individually as you revise your texts. He will also advise you on techniques to improve your writing or on such things as avoiding writers’ block.

Target audience

Doctoral students, PostDocs

Time and Applications

Date: May 09, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Room 202
Group size: maximal 15
Workshop language: English


Dr. Andrew Davis is a trained science editor with a research background (who is also a native speaker of English).


The registration is closed.

The workshop usually is open to all interested PhD students but members of the iRTG of the SFB TRR 102 will be given priority. All applicants will be chosen depending on their registration time in chronological order.