Regular lectures UL – WiSe 2017/18


Protein Crystallography – Sträter
[M.Sc. Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Tue or Thu 17.15-18.45, seminar room at BBZ (on appointment)

Bioorganic Chemistry – Beck-Sickinger
[M.Sc. Adv Spec in Chem]
Mon 8.30-10.00, Kl. Hörsaal / Brüderstr. 34

NMR on Biosystems – Matysik
[M.Sc. Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Thu 10.15-11.45, R 115

Biophysikalische Methoden – Stärker/Hoffmann
[M.Sc. Chem]
Tue 11.00-12.30, SR 1.3, BBZ
Thu 17.15-18.45, BBZ

NMR Spektroskopie: Prinzipien, Konzepte und Anwendungen – Matysik
[M.Sc. Chem]
Mon 10.20-11.05, Exp. HS


Soft Matter Physics – Cichos/Mierke

[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Tue 15.15-16.45 Linnéstr. 5, KlHS
Fri 11.00-12.30 Linnéstr. 5, KlHS

Introduction to Computer Simulations I – Janke
[B.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Wed 11.00-12.30, Brüderstr. 16, R 210

Condensed Matter Theory – Kroy
[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Wed 16:00-17:00, Brüderstr. 16, R 211

Introduction to Photonics I
[B.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Wed 15.15-16.45, Linnéstr. 5, R.532

Cellular Biophysics – Mierke
[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Thu 13.30-15.00, Linnéstr. 5, SR 218

iRTG Program WiSe 2017/18 – Overview

Doctoral students seminars

October 24, 2017 at UL (Linnéstr. 5, SR 532):

Falk Frenzel on “Molecular Dynamics and Charge Transport in highly-conductive Polymeric Ionic Liquids” (abstract)

November 14, 2017 at MLU (Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3, SR 1.06):

Susanne Link on “UV-B induced changes of eye-lens crystalline” (abstract)

December 12, 2017 at MLU (Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3, SR 1.06):

Ruth Bärenwald on “Solid state NMR investigations and MD simulations of amphiphilic triblock copolymers in lipid bilayers” (abstract)

January 16, 2018 at MLU (Von-Danckelmann-Platz 3, SR E.04):

“Geometrical stiffness studied by a coarse grained homopolymer model” by Benno Werlich (abstract)

February 6, 2018 at UL (Linnéstr. 5, SR 218):

“Effect of End-Capping Motifs on Conformational Dynamics and Stability of α-Helices” by  Stefan Wicht
“Monte Carlo Simulations of Thiophene and Polythiophene Chains of Various Lengths in Vacuum and in Contact with Substrates” by Momchil Ivanov (abstracts)

March 2018:

Maria Camilles


Muhammad Tariq

Advanced Training Modules


Soft skill seminars


Supplementary Study

Overview of soft skill workshops of InGrA (September and October)

18.-20. September | registration still possible
Basics in research valorization through entrepreneurship and intellectual property (details)

4. October | registration still possible
Vorstellungsgespräch und Gehaltsverhandlungen (details)

9. October | registration still possible
Time- and Selfmanagement for Doctoral Candidates (details)
(in cooperation with PhD Network)

19.-20. October | registration online
Critical Reasoning and Logic (details)

26.-27. October | registration online
Networkingmethoden für ein professionelles Auftreten (details)