iRTG Program SoSe 2021

Doctoral students seminar

April 27, 2021: Christian Lauer and Wing Kit Ot
May 18, 2021: Anika Wurl and Robert Kahl
June 8, 2021: Fabio Müller and Alexander Korn
June 29, 2021: rehearsal Mareen
July 5, 2021: rehearsal Martha
July 27, 2021: Nazmul Hasan
August 24, 2021: Marthinus van Niekerk and Lucas Löser

Complementary skills seminars by iRTG

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Advanced Training Modules

Alumni talks


As most lectures are held online, you can have a look at the curriculum of both universities. If an interesting course is offered at the partner university, please contact the responsible lecturer in advance.