Career Paths into Industry – Starting the application process (12./13. December 2016)

Assessing the labour market is not an easy thing to do. Finding the “right” job is a challenge and is an investment in time and energy. A clear roadmap will help to focus research about job positions and not to get lost in the many interesting opportunities offered by employers.

In this workshop participants will work on their road map to a job in industry. The concept is based on intensive working units and coaching sessions to support participants developing strategies how to search for the right jobs. Understanding the aim of application documents and combining the “right” information in application documents will be one asset of the workshop. Understanding the mechanisms of personnel recruitment and employers perspective is another important aspect to better meet employer’s needs. Providing hands- on methods and practical exercises directly on the participants profiles will help to initiate first steps on the job road map.

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Talk by P. Leube at UL (29th November 2016)

Characterization of the multiresponsive Poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) by spin probing EPR spectroscopy

The still rising number of publications dealing with stimuli-responsive polymers prove the high interest in such smart materials. Poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) (PDMAEMA) exhibits thermo-, pH- and ionic strength responsive behavior in aqueous solutions, being a multiresponsive homopolymer [1]. The goal of this study is to under- stand, how the pH and ionic strength affect the thermoresponsivity of PDMAEMA.

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Regular lectures UL – WiSe 2016/17


Protein Crystallography – Sträter
[M.Sc. Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Tue or Thu 17.15-18.45, seminar room in BBZ (on appointment)

Bioorganic Chemistry – Beck-Sickinger
[M.Sc. Adv Spec in Chem]
Mon 8.30-10.00, Kl. Hörsaal / Brüderstr. 34

NMR on Biosystems – Matysik
[M.Sc. Struc. Chem. and Spect.]
Thu 10.15-11.45, R 115


Soft Matter Physics – Mierke/Seidel

[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Tue 9.15-10.45 Linnéstr. 5, SR 532
Wed 13.30-15.00 Linnéstr. 5, SR 532

Introduction to Computer Simulations I – Janke
[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Wed 9.00-10.30, Brüderstr. 16, R 210

Theory of Soft and Bio Matter – Kroy
[M.Sc. Phys/IPSP]
Tue and Thu 11:00-12:30, Brüderstr. 16, R 114

Regular lectures MLU – WiSe 2016/17


Introduction to polymer physics – Saalwächter
[MA Phy]
Wed 10.15-11.00, VDP3 3.16
Thu 10.15-11.45, VDP3 1.12

Biophysik – Balbach
[B.Sc. Phy]
Wed 12.15-13.45, VDP3 1.04

Einführung in die NMR-Spektroskopie – Saalwächter/Hempel/Balbach
[MA Phy]
Mon 14.15-15.45, VDP3 1.06


Physikalische Chemie der Polymere – Kreßler/Saalwächter
Tue 15.15-16.45, VDP4 1.27

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Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS)


This module addresses doctoral students in chemistry, physics, biophysics, and related fields with interest in understanding and using Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS). It introduces the basic theoretical and technical concepts of infrared spectroscopy in general and the specific features of IRRAS at the air/water interface. The potential of this technique as well as their applicability to polymeric systems will be discussed.


Day 1:

  • Lectures in the morning to understand the basic principle of IRRAS
  • Lab course in the afternoon to set up an IRRAS measurement

Day 2:

iRTG Program WiSe 2016/17 – Overview

Doctoral students seminars

18. October 2016 at MLU (VDP3, 1.03):

S. Pylaeva on Molecular dynamics simulations of polyQ14: structural and spectroscopic parameters (abstract)

29. November 2016 at UL

P. Leube on Characterization of the multiresponsive Poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) by spin probing EPR spectroscopy (abstract)

06. December 2016 at MLU

E. Schreck on Polymers on Surfaces – or how to catch them all (abstract)

31st January 2017 at MLU

Z. Evgrafova on Amyloid Beta Aggregation in the Presence of Temperature-Sensitive Polymers (abstract)

21st February 2017 at UL

A. Korn on Serine substitution in Amyloid-β – a possible link between β-Methylamino-L-alanine and Alzheimer’s disease? (abstract)

14th March 2017 at MLU

P. Enke on The effect of different crowding agents on structure and dynamics of unfolded proteins.

Advanced Training Modules


  • 3rd Minisymposium Leipzig – 02. December 2016
  • 4th Mini workshop – May 12, 2017

Soft skill seminars

Supplementary Study