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17. Dec 2021

e-learning: Basics of scientific work

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An online self-study course for scientific work in German of the LLZ has the following modules:

  • Scientific thinking & working:
    The scientific method, quality criteria and the research process (incl. scientific text types)
  • Basics of copyright law
    Copyright and scientific citation
  • Planning & preparation of scientific work
    Preparation of a scientific work and about the good use of the available time
  • Orientation, management & documentation
    Finding a topic, orientation and literature research
  • Writing process & text creation
    Form, structure, content design, language & expression, writing blocks
  • Presentation & visualization
    Basics of presentation, outline and design of scientific results
  • Scientific research methods
    Introduction and overview of empirical research methods

The self-study course (in German, with main focus on students) is available at:

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