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All posts tagged ‘presentation‘

30. Nov 2021

Concept and Design of Academic Presentations (January 25, 2022 | online)

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Starting Point Among all the challenges you might face being a scientist, you should be able to effectively communicate your research and share your knowledge to a wide range of audiences by the means of academic presentations. To draw your audience in and to get your main message across, you need a clear concept, proper slides, […]

29. Nov 2021

Public Speaking and Rhetorics (January 20, 2022 | online)

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Your personal appearance is your most important communication tool:Create sympathy, guarantee a positive exchange and leave a competent impression.The voice contributes to a large extent to your personal impact – in presentations and in conversations.Get to know your voice. Feel the connections between body, breath and voice.Learn what you can do to make your voice […]

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