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All posts tagged ‘presentation‘

22. Aug 2023

Communication & presentation in the academic context: How to be confident and persuasive (October 11, 2023)

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Whether small talk or academic subject presentation – the ability to present oneself adequately and to communicate one’s concerns effectively is a deciding factor of career related success in academia. With a few fundamental strategies for communication and presentation techniques it is possible to illustrate complex data in a context relevant way, to convince others, […]

25. Jan 2023

[IMPRS] Workshop on presentation skills (February 6/7 or 8/9, 2023)

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The International Max Planck Research School for Science and Technology of Nano-Systems (IMPRS-STNS) has a few vacant seats in the following two workshops on the same topics. “Presentation Skills”  Date: February 6/7 or February 8/9, 2023 target group: doctoral students and postdocs Detailed information on the IMPRS website Please register by sending an email to Michael Strauch until January […]

27. Oct 2022

[Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung] Gruppenmoderation. Techniken und Methoden der Moderation (12.11.22)

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Die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung lädt ein zum Green Campus Tagesseminar: Gruppenmoderation. Techniken und Methoden der Moderation Wie moderiere ich Diskussionen in Gruppen und Sitzungen transparent und demokratisch? Unser Seminar vermittelt praxisnah Methoden und Handwerkszeug der Moderation und Gesprächsführung und thematisiert Aufgaben und Funktion von Moderierenden. Die Teilnehmenden entwickeln ein Verständnis für die professionelle Vorbereitung, Durchführung und Ergebnissicherung […]

30. Nov 2021

Concept and Design of Academic Presentations (January 25, 2022 | online)

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Starting Point Among all the challenges you might face being a scientist, you should be able to effectively communicate your research and share your knowledge to a wide range of audiences by the means of academic presentations. To draw your audience in and to get your main message across, you need a clear concept, proper slides, […]

29. Nov 2021

Public Speaking and Rhetorics (January 20, 2022 | online)

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Your personal appearance is your most important communication tool:Create sympathy, guarantee a positive exchange and leave a competent impression.The voice contributes to a large extent to your personal impact – in presentations and in conversations.Get to know your voice. Feel the connections between body, breath and voice.Learn what you can do to make your voice […]

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