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Complementary Skills Workshops

12. Apr 2021

[RTG 2498] Introduction to Statistics and R – free slots (May 25 – June 1, 2021)

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There are free slots at one of the workshops of MLU’s research training groups (RTG) 2498 “Communication and Dynamics of Plant Cell Compartments” presented by Christian Ristok & Stephan Kambach.

Date: 25 May – 01 June, 2021 (Part I)
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Format: Online Webinar (MLUconf)

Further details and registration at:

23. Mar 2021

Successful Networking ( May 4 and 6, 2021 | online)

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Learning new communication skills

Networking well done is about nurturing relationships authentically around common interests, mutual liking, or simply respect. Yet many professionals find it difficult to do; they object to it and only turn to networking when they absolutely need help.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we do it well, the relationships we nurture become critical to our ability to get things done, get ahead, and develop personally and professionally.
The goal of this workinar (workshop meets webinar) is to identify and unlock successful networking behaviours and learn new ways of communicating. How can I best introduce myself to others? What is most important about reaching out to contacts? Working together we will mobilize your most promising networking skills (both for academic and non-academic opportunities).

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9. Mar 2021

English Academic Writing: The Ground Rules of Writing Well (April 27-30, 2021 | online)

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This online workshop addresses junior and senior scholars from the social sciences and humanities who have good command of the English language, seek to improve their English writing skills, and strive to make their academic papers more idiomatic. The workshop seeks to create an awareness of the typical patterns of non-idiomatic writing to which non-native authors writing in English – and especially German-speaking academics – are prone and equip the participants with strategies to avoid these pitfalls.

The workshop comprises 3 half-day sessions and will be conducted in English by two trainers who have a professional background in the social sciences and many years of experience in teaching English academic writing and in translating and editing academic texts by German-speaking scholars.

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8. Mar 2021

Good Scientific Practice (April 22, 2021 | online)

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Good scientific practice covers a substantial spectrum of scientific conduct: Dealing with data (including checking, recording, ownership and storage), the publishing process and authorship, responsible supervision, academic cooperation, conflicts of interest and dealing with conflicts. Inappropriate academic behaviour includes inventing or faking data, violating intellectual property (theft of ideas or plagiarism), and sabotaging the research of others. More subtle topics, such as skepticism, critical thinking, reproducibility, handling creativity, the danger of axiomatic assumptions and confirmation bias represent the “heart of good scientific practice”. Every scientist should have a professional understanding of all mentioned topics.

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2. Mar 2021

Design of Academic Posters ( April 13 and 16, 2021 | online)

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Starting Point

Poster sessions are an integral part of almost every scientific conference. Their purpose is to highlight research results, visualize them, and stimulate discussion. To draw your audience in, you need a crystal-clear message, 
a text format optimized for best legibility and well-chosen graphics. And above all, you need to think well through how to organize, arrange and illustrate your research content for a printed or digital poster format.

Basic rules of graphic design and layout technique will help you to present your work in a visually well-structured and compelling way. The training shows you how to present your research efficiently and provides time to put directly into practice what you have learned. 

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10. Feb 2021

Writing successful job applications in English (March 18, 2021 | online)

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How to find a job in the public / private sector – The Complete Package


  • What are your hard strengths and soft strengths and when are they relevant in the job application process?
  • How can you write a good covering letter? Techniques, theory and practice
  • Here you will have the opportunity to get some feedback on a one-to-one basis with respect to your CV in English. You send your CV to the trainer who will give you personalised feedback 
  • Difficult questions in job interviews in English – what are they and how can you answer them?

Each block will last approx. 90 minutes and you will have the opportunity to ask individual questions in the workshop, too. 

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8. Feb 2021

Introduction to Statistics and R (March 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2021 |online)

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R has become a leading statistical programming language in data science and statistics. The R software is free, highly extensible, and allows to easily produce publication-quality plots. The aim of this course is to equip participants with the basic skills to effectively use the software R, embedded in the user interface RStudio. These skills will cover data import, processing and data exploration, graphical representations with ggplot2, basic concepts of statistical inference and linear regression. All topics will be demonstrated in working examples and practiced with hands on examples.

The course will be split in two parts. In the first two days we are going to teach the basic functionality of R, RStudio, and ggplot2. Day three and four are dedicated to the application of statistical tests, which will be extended to linear mixed-effects models.

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2. Feb 2021

[Ref 3.2] Vacant slots at two online workshops

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There are vacant slots in two workshops offered by the staff development department (Ref 3.2) at MLU. Both workshops will be held in German.

Gender in der Lehre (18.02.2021)

  • Rubrik: Hochschuldidaktik Wahlangebote
  • Zielgruppe: Lehrende
  • Format: Online-Seminar im Rahmen des hochschuldidaktischen Wahlangebots
  • Termin: 18.02.2021, 09.00 – 15.00 Uhr mit der Möglichkeit eines anschließenden Lehrcoachings (individuelle Terminvereinbarung mit der Workshopleiterin Frau Dr. Lena Eckert)
  • Siehe Internetseite unter Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

Gestärkt durch die Promotion – Mentalstrategien für Promovierende (ab 16.03.2021)

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27. Jan 2021

[TRR67|UL] – Planung und Durchführung von klinischen Studien unter dem Pandemieaspekt (11.-12.02.21)

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Das Graduiertenkolleg „Matrixengineering“ des TRR67 an der Uni Leipzig lädt herzlich zum Online Workshop zur „Planung und Durchführung von klinischen Studien unter dem Pandemieaspekt“ sowie zu „Möglichkeiten der Forschungsförderung des Technologietransfers“ im Rahmen des TRR67-IGK Moduls „Translational Aspects of Biomaterials“ ein. 

Während des gesamten Workshops wird in besonderem Maße auf die Corona-Pandemiegeschehnisse im Bereich der Therapie, Test- und Impfstoffentwicklung sowie –zulassung eingegangen. 

Für diesen Online-Workshop, der über Adobe Connect, ganztägig, vom 11. bis 12. Februar 2021, von 9.00 – 16.30 Uhr, stattfindet, konnten die Dozenten Herrn Prof. Joachim Kugler und Frau Dr. Nadine Schmieder-Galfe gewonnen werden.

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22. Dec 2020

[iRTG SFB/TRR 102] Time and Self-management | free slots

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