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Documents and forms for your PhD studies at MLU Halle

From your first interest in a doctorate at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), throughout your time as a doctoral student, to the publication of your dissertation: along the way, there are many helpful documents and necessary forms that provide you with important information or structure processes in a common way. We have collected the general documents and forms that every doctoral student comes across during their time at MLU to give you an overview. You will also find links to faculty-specific documents as well as links to documents specifically for internationals.

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Initial Information: Considering a doctorate at MLU

General Information about the Prerequisites and the Process of a Doctorate

Additionally, you can find important information supporting your decision making whilst considering a doctorate on this website.

About the Scientific Profile and the Scientific Environment of the University

This brochure by the International Office is providing a general overview on inside and outside the university .

Focussing on prospectives for young academics, we give you an exemplary overview of research opportunities at MLU on this website.

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You go for it: Necessary documents and forms throughout your PhD

Initial information for people who are pursuing a doctoral degree at MLU

An overview of all the topics concerning PhD studies and living in the city of Halle is provided with the

  • Guide for Doctoral Candidates (ENG / GER)

Especially for the initial steps, our website Starting the path to a doctorate provides you with helpful information.

Application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the faculty

By accepting someone as a PhD student, the respective faculty declares to entrust the doctoral candidate with the writing of the thesis and to examine it upon completion. This step is mandatory. It is recommend to apply for acceptance in good time upon beginning to work on the thesis. There is an online application form to do so:

Forms for the enrolment as a (doctoral) student

The enrolment as a student at the university is not obligatory for doctoral candidates. There is a fee for enrolment each semester. In return, the student status comes with a number of benefits like discounts on public transport, cultural activities, mensa meals, and access to the university’s resources. If you decide to enrol as a student, the Student Registration Office provides you with all the necessary documents.

Funding of the PhD

There are several ways to fund your PhD. In this website, we’ve collected information about the different funding opportunities and organizations.

Statutes on Good Scientific Practice and Dealing with Scientific Misconduct at MLU

All doctoral candidates are obligated to adhere to the basic principles of good scientific practice. The university formulated statutes about these principles and how to deal with eventual misconduct.

General principles on good scientific research practice have also been formulated by DFG (German Research Foundation) in English language and can be found here.

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Finishing it: Get your doctoral degree

Application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure

After completion of your thesis, you will be required to apply for admission to the doctoral examination procedure. There is an online form for this:

Please find more details in the doctoral regulations that apply to you and/or speak with your supervisor.

Regulations on the publication of the dissertation

In order to complete the process of doctoral studies at MLU, the publication of the resulting dissertation is required. The corresponding regulations can be found in the respective doctoral regulations of your faculty.

The university library provides an overview on the requirements and necessary documents/forms for your publication:

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Faculty-specific Documents

An overview of all the Doctoral Regulations can be found here.

Moreover, faculties provide their doctoral students with additional information and corresponding documents and forms. The links below will redirect you to the appropriate sites:

Information for Internationals

The International Office provides international doctoral candidates with all the necessary documents.

Concerning the legal framework of employment, there is a leaflet in English and German language that can be found here.

Documents that provide you with information about health insurance during your doctorate are collected here.

For information concerning the residence permit, please see the documents provided here

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This guide is part of the overview Guides4docs@MLU released recently by InGrA. Together with the following topics you can get a good overview of options and requirements during your future or current doctorate at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

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