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Doctorate at MLU

11. Nov 2022

KlarText Award 2022 – Who has the eagles on their conscience?

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The winners of the KlarText Award for Science Communication 2022 in the category Biology is Dr. Steffen Breinlinger. He did his doctoral thesis “Investigations into bioactive natural products from cyanobacteria : a search for drug leads and the discovery of a novel cyanotoxin” in the research group Pharmacognosy of Prof. Dr. Timo Niedermeyer at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

Find out more about his research at

2. Nov 2022

Stipends for doctoral students from the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt 2023

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Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) biannually provides funding for scholarships. The funding comes from the Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and Environment of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. Start of the funding for this call is in the summer semester in April 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants are those who

  • have demonstrated a special aptitude for academic work through well above-average study and examination results,
  • have completed a university degree,
  • is preparing for a doctorate at MLU,
  • presents a scientific project that is expected to make an important contribution to research, and
  • is supervised by a (non-retired) university lecturer at MLU.

The scholarship can be applied for every semester. As a rule, it is granted for a period of three years.

Application via faculties

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19. Oct 2022

[yDiv/HIGRADE] Online Mental Health Awareness Week (November 1-4, 2022 | online)

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Leipzig University, yDiv/iDiv and HIGRADE/UFZ organize an annual Mental Health Awareness Week. During the theme week, you will find various online offers (most of them in English) for relaxation exercises in the morning, workshops on mindfulness and mental training, and reports from those affected. In addition, information on prevention and dealing with mental stress will be provided.

The event is open to all interested doctoral and postdoctoral researchers – feel free to forward this email.

You find the programme here (events for single days are in the side menu of the website) and below.

There is no registration needed – just join the event you are interested in.

Programme & Zoom links Mental Health Awareness Week

1 November (Tuesday)

  • 8.30–9.00am | Morning Flow: An energizing yoga flow with intense stretches will let you release all tension and recharge your batteries.
    Join here
  • 9.05–9.50am
    Keynote: The first day of the Mental Health Awareness Week will focus on changes in psychological symptoms during the COVID 19 pandemic. Prof. Rummel-Kluge will also address the important topic of depression and suicidality and explain when this can occur and what actually needs to be done. In addition, the SMWKT-funded project enhance will be presented, which among other things offers online-based, low-threshold support services for students starting in the fall of 2022. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss the important topic of mental health online.
    Join here
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19. Oct 2022

[iRTG Polymers] Macromolecular Structures Leipzig 2023 (March 1-3, 2023)

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The doctoral students of the iRTG “Polymers: random coils and beyond” are organising the final conference MacroStruct 23 of its SFB/TRR 102 “Polymers under multiple constraints”.

The organizing committee encourages you and your group members to join the conference MacroStruct 23 in Leipzig, 1-3 March 2023. The meeting centres around processes of macromolecular structure formation, such as polymer crystallisation and protein fibrillation, and provides a platform to share innovative concepts bringing both fields together. Confirmed plenary speakers include: Alicyn Rhoades, Guenter Reiter, Sara Linse, Paolo Arosio, Sebastien Lecommandoux and Birgit Strodel.

Aside from classical talks, the doctoral students have organised a series of interactive sessions and workshops that allow researchers of all career stages to connect, exchange ideas and engage in lively discussions.

You are welcome to submit abstracts for talks and posters until 12 December 2022Registration is now open!

Visit the webpage for further information!

11. Oct 2022

Physicists generate new nanoscale spin waves

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Here you find the doctoral student’s profile of Rouven Dreyer. He published results of his doctoral studies at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and shared the research more widely with a press release.

About the author:

R. Dreyer in the lab.

Field(s) of expertise during doctoral studies:

  • Linear and non-linear magnetization dynamics
  • Magneto-optical Kerr microscopy with arbitrary frequency resolution
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10. Oct 2022

[IAMO] Picture a scientist (October 11, 2022)

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When you picture a scientist – what do you see? 

The documentary PICTURE A SCIENTIST takes on the question why it still often is the male white scientist that comes to our minds when we hear the word „scientist“.  In this film, leading female scientists in STEM take the audience on a journey through the experiences of their academic careers – as women of science. 

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9. Sep 2022

Visit of Ethiopian and Ugandan project partners at MLU (September 2-7, 2022)

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Our project partners from Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia and Gulu University (GU), Uganda visited us for a workshop from September 2-7, 2022.

From the InGrA perspective and the subproject “Building up a Graduate Program Hub” we visited the iDiv research center and it’s graduate school yDiv and exchanged ideas about supervision agreements. We also visited the MPI of Microstructure Physics and it’s International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS-STNS) and discussed aspects of good scientific practice.

The workshop overall focused on exchange, report on the progress of the project and possible future perspectives. The workshop has been coordinated by Dr. T. Weirowski.

Guided tour at iDiv. (photo: N. Sachmerda-Schulz)

2. Sep 2022

Blog of doctoral students representation launched

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The blog of the doctoral students representation of the faculties of MLU has been launched recently. Please check out information and latest news at

(in German).

22. Aug 2022

DFG Calendar 2023: Call for photo competition

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For its 2023 calendar, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is looking for photo motifs that refer to selected DFG-funded projects and is initiating a photo competition for this purpose:

Scientists from funded projects can participate, and the most beautiful twelve motifs will be selected for the calendar. The theme of this year’s calendar is “Research Landscapes”. The term is meant metaphorically and all participants are welcome to interpret it broadly. The deadline for entries is September 15, 2022.

Further information at the DFG website (in German).

8. Aug 2022

Intelligent living in old age

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The hot stove, the forgotten pill: How can modern technologies make life easier for older people at home without overburdening them with technology and without patronizing them? A project of business informatics specialists and multimedia designers is developing new ideas for this.

Find out more about this project of one of MLU’s doctoral students at Campus Halensis.

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