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InGrA Program 2022

9. Nov 2022

Open Science Seminar (December 2 and 6, 2022)

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Seminar description

During two seminars in early December we wish to give our PhD students and Postdocs from different backgrounds and disciplines at the MLU and other research institutions in Halle an opportunity to learn and discuss about various aspects of Open Science (OS).

In the first seminar, an overview on various OS topics including research data management, tools, standards, data protection, legal and intellectual property rights, tips for online publishing etc. will be presented. At the end of the first seminar, the audience will be asked to describe a data set or project of their own via a small survey. This information will be used to build user cases which can be the basis of an interactive RDM discussion during the second seminar.  

The aim of this second seminar will be to present practical examples about how to work with and implement Open Science recommendations. During this second seminar an experienced researcher at the MLU will give a keynote lecture. It is hoped that this mixture between theory and a user case examples might help the audience to better understand open science and where and how to start practicing it.

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18. Aug 2022

Clear at glance! Designing Effective Academic Posters (November 8 and 14, 2022 | online)

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Starting Point

Poster sessions are an integral part of almost every scientific conference. Their purpose is to highlight research results, visualize them, and stimulate discussion. To draw your audience in, you need a crystal-clear message, 
a text format optimized for best legibility and well-chosen graphics. And above all, you need to think well through how to organize, arrange and illustrate your research content for a printed or digital poster format.

Basic rules of graphic design and layout technique will help you to present your work in a visually well-structured and compelling way. The training shows you how to present your research efficiently and provides time to put directly into practice what you have learned. 

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18. Aug 2022

Good Scientific Practice, Negotiation and Conflict Management (October 27-28, 2022)

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The workshop combines Good Scientific Practice (Part 1) with Negotiation & Conflict Management (Part 2). During your doctoral studies you will come into contact with other scientists and collaborate with them. Here negotiation skills can be helpful. This may even prevent potential conflicts with your supervisor.

Part 1: Good Scientific Practice (October 27, 2022 | Weinberg Campus)

Good scientific practice covers a substantial spectrum of scientific conduct: Dealing with data (including checking, recording, ownership and storage), the publishing process and authorship, responsible supervision, academic cooperation, conflicts of interest and dealing with conflicts. Inappropriate academic behaviour includes inventing or faking data, violating intellectual property (theft of ideas or plagiarism), and obstructing the research of others. More subtle topics, such as skepticism, critical thinking, reproducibility, handling creativity, the danger of axiomatic assumptions and confirmation bias occur much more often and therefore represent the “heart of good scientific practice”.

Every scientist should have a professional understanding of all mentioned topics.

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18. Jul 2022

“The Art of English Academic Writing” for Natural Scientists (September 13 and 28, 2022)

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Aim and Content

The workshop aims at improving non-native English speakers’ academic writing skills by highlighting typical features and composing elements commonly applied and expected by native speakers of English. Participants will be equipped with a textbook written by the trainer that covers all the features introduced during the sessions, they will have ample opportunity to ask individual questions, and they will receive immediate feedback on their own writing. During the workshop we will

  • reflect on how the character of the English language influences the Anglo-Saxon academic writing style and identify subsequent features in academic texts
  • highlight pitfalls non-native speakers of English are vulnerable to when writing in English and introduce straightforward strategies to avoid them
  • present techniques for developing a fluent and lively academic writing style
  • introduce resources, aids, and methods to enlarge and retain vocabulary
  • edit text passages written by the participants
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15. Mar 2022

The complete job application package in English (April 26, 2022)

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How to find a job in the public / private sector in English – The Complete Package


  • What are your hard strengths and soft strengths and when are they relevant in the job application process?
  • How can you write a good covering letter? Techniques, theory and practice
  • Here you will have the opportunity to get some feedback on a one-to-one basis with respect to your CV in English. You send your CV to the trainer who will give you personalised feedback 
  • Difficult questions in job interviews in English – what are they and how can you answer them?
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15. Mar 2022

Project Management (May 18-19, 2022)

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The main objective of this workshop is to strengthen one’s own attitude towards project management in order to be prepared for the challenges in everyday academic life and outside the university.


The focus of this workshop is on planning tools for successful project management. All participants apply their experience and knowledge in practical exercises.

The following elements of project management are discussed in more detail:

  • Clarification of the contract
  • Objective definition (expected results, process goals)
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Phase model -> work breakdown structure (WBS) -> schedule
  • Milestone plan
  • Basics of risk management
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7. Mar 2022

What the heck is Tenure-Track? (May 20, 2022 | online)

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In the German academic system, Tenure-Track is a relatively new concept. With a tenure-track position, one gets the opportunity to an immediately transition to a permanent position when successfully completing the probationary period (known as the tenure-track phase). The majority of tenure-track positions comes along with a professorship; less common and known are lecturer or researcher positions with tenure-track. 


The half-day workshop will focus on tenure-track professorships in Germany and address the following questions:

  • What are the specifics and legal conditions of tenure-track positions?
  • How do selection committees work and how is the mid-term and tenure evaluation organized?
  • What are duties and tasks of a tenure-track professor?
  • Where do I get help and orientation beyond my home institution?
  • Q&A
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7. Mar 2022

English Academic Writing: The Ground Rules of Writing Well (April 21, 22 and 25, 2022)

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This workshop addresses junior scholars from the social sciences, economics, and the humanities who have good command of the English language, seek to improve their English writing skills, and strive to make their academic papers more idiomatic. The workshop seeks to create an awareness of the typical patterns of non-idiomatic writing to which non-native authors writing in English – and especially German-speaking academics – are prone and equip the participants with strategies to avoid these pitfalls.

The workshop will be held on three days (two days in person; a half day online, during which you will receive individual feedback). It will be conducted in English by two trainers who have a professional background in the social sciences and many years of experience in teaching English academic writing and in translating and editing academic texts by German-speaking scholars. 

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9. Feb 2022

Research to Business: Patent and Funding Basics (March 17, 2022 | online)

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In this workshop we inform graduates and postdocs about entrepreneurship in science, patents as well as funding. The aim of the workshop is to gain a first insight into the successful transfer of ideas and innovations from research to business.


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25. Jan 2022

Successful Networking (March, 8, 10, 2022 | online)

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Learning new communication skills

Networking well done is about nurturing relationships authentically around common interests, mutual liking, or simply respect. Yet many professionals find it difficult to do; they object to it and only turn to networking when they absolutely need help.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we do it well, the relationships we nurture become critical to our ability to get things done, get ahead, and develop personally and professionally.
The goal of this workinar (workshop meets webinar) is to identify and unlock successful networking behaviours and learn new ways of communicating. How can I best introduce myself to others? What is most important about reaching out to contacts? Working together we will mobilize your most promising networking skills (both for academic and non-academic opportunities).

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