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17. Jan 2022

Support for young scientists with care responsibilities

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Individuals who care for children or family members and teach and conduct research at the same time are currently facing very special challenges, as the Corona pandemic continues to result in frequent caregiver absences.

Please check the following document for your application to student assistant funds via FEMPOWER@MLU, a project of the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (website) at MLU.

Numerous studies show that the care of (younger) children and the care of relatives in particular leads to considerable burdens for the persons concerned and consequently to strong delays in their qualification and further career steps. The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity would like to mitigate this disadvantage in the form of personnel support by research assistants.

17. Jan 2022

Equality promotion 2022

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Calls for proposals for Women’s Grants 2022 (in German) at MLU via Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity are online.

Current calls for proposals:

  • Networking funds for the promotion of young female scientists in 2022: PhD students, postdocs, habilitation students and junior professors can apply for funding for 2022 for participation in conferences and further education measures as well as for working group meetings/research stays
  • Students assistant funds: support for female post-docs in research and teaching through auxiliary funds.
  • MINT tutorial funds: application for the establishment of additional MINT study courses by female students in SoSe 2022 and WiSe 2022/23: the costs for tutorials, workshops, working groups or similar in MINT subjects can be funded if female students carry them out.

Terms and application

  • Please contact your dean’s offices.
  • Applications will be sent to the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity via email through the dean’s offices.
  • Application deadline February 15, 2022.

10. Jan 2022

[BEAM] Women in Science – Talk and Power – Who Gets Heard and Why (31.01.2022 (online) + 07.03.2022)

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There are free slots at this workshop organised by research training group “BEAM (RTG 2670): Self-Organization of Soft Matter via Multiple Noncovalent Interactions”.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to examine the distinctions between communication styles at work – support-oriented (horizontal) versus status-oriented (vertical); these communication styles can determine success or failure within a largely male-dominated environment. Each style has its strengths and weaknesses; a solid awareness of both is the way to create progress. We will consider examples from your working environment demonstrating those communication strategies and behaviours that can drive a career up or down.

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17. Dec 2021

New plate: University explains work on Amo memorial

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The university is working on a new concept to commemorate Anton Wilhelm Amo, the first Afro-German academic at a German university, who worked in Halle and Wittenberg. At the Universitätsring, the rector and the chairman of the appointed rectorate commission inaugurated a plate pointing out the discrepancy between the artwork “Free Africa” and a memorial plate for Amo placed nearby in 1975.

Read more at Campus Halensis (in German).

Further information in Anton Wilhelm Amo and the work of the Rectorate Commission at .

14. Dec 2021

Early stage scientists and the pandemic at MLU

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In spring 2021, the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Office and the Equal Opportunity Advisory Council launched a survey on the pandemic-related challenges for scientists in the early stage within the university. In the meantime, the responses have been reviewed and a report with many answers and information has been written.

Read more (in German)

13. Dec 2021

[UNIBUND] 10th tender mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers (June 2022–June 2023 / 2024)

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How to establish a scientific profile?
How to become a successful team leader?
What makes grant applications worthy of support?
How to establish a sustainable network?
A career in academia comes along with lots of questions and challenges!

From June 2022 the mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers, provided by the universities of Halle, Jena and Leipzig, offers eight places at each university for highly-qualified female postdocs, researchers undertaking a ‘habilitation’, junior scientist group leaders and junior professors, to support them in their development and future careers. Applications can be submitted up to February 28, 2022 by the associated university.

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23. Nov 2021

Virtual Round Table “Doctoral students with disabilities, chronic physical or mental illnesses”

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Out of the project “PROMI – Doctorate inclusive” a virtual round table (Stammtisch) for people

  • interested in doing a doctorate,
  • doctoral candidates and
  • postdocs

with disabilities/chronic physical/psychological diseases has been created.

The round table offers space for exchange about the work in science, challenges of doctoral studies, funding opportunities, life at the university, job prospects, and other questions and topics that concern you.

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16. Nov 2021


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Professionalization through Coaching

In scientific management positions, women and trans*, inter* and non-binary persons (TIN persons) are still clearly underrepresented despite excellent qualifications and high motivation. With the “Professionalization through Coaching” format, the MLU therefore offers individual career planning for scientists (women and TIN persons).

The participants are supported in identifying and developing their potential and making the best use of opportunities, thus successfully realizing the path to a scientific management position. Questions about the development and genesis of a professional identity as a scientist or university professor are just as important as aspects of coping with specific qualification requirements and further life and career planning, whereby the compatibility of family and academic career also plays an important role.

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19. Oct 2021

[UL] Equal Opportunities in Research Collaborations (Nov/Dec 2021)

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The Collaborative Research Centers at Leipzig University (SFB1199, TRR67, SFB1052 and SFB1423) have compiled a workshop series on gender topics to visibly promote the perception of equal opportunities in research networks. An opening lecture precedes each workshop, presenting the personal career path of a female scientist working in the research network.

The talks and the online workshops are free of charge, in English language and open to all interested. 

  • 19.11.2021 | Prof. Liebscher: Gender Bias
  • 25.11.2021 | Dr. Chakaroun: Job Application Training & Tips
  • 01.12.2021 | Dr. Le Duc: Equal Opportunities in Academic Teaching
  • 09.12.2021 | Dr. Marung: Networking for Young Female Researchers

You are cordially invited to the workshop series on gender topics. Please register via the online registration form:

20. Sep 2021

Digital network meeting “PhD with disabilities” (October 08, 2021)

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The project “PROMI – PhD inclusive” cordially invites all PhD enthusiasts, PhD students and PhD students with disabilities/chronic physical/mental illnesses to the first open digital network meeting on October 8, 2021 from 09:00 to 13:30. The meeting will be in German.

The network meeting offers space for exchange about the challenges of doing a PhD with disabilities or chronic illnesses. It will provide insight into helpful experiences and resources, and the opportunity to network with other doctoral candidates, doctoral students, and doctoral graduates with disabilities/chronic physical/mental illnesses.

On the program:

  • Good to know – resources, places to go, and information about pursuing a doctorate with disabilities and impairments.
  • Networking and exchange opportunities
  • Discussion on typical challenges of doing a PhD (with disabilities).

Registration via the registration form on the PROMI homepage.

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