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Transfer and entrepreneurship

15. May 2020

Webinar coaching for young entrepreneurs in science

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11. May 2020

Survey on knowledge and technology transfer at MLU

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The survey is conducted by MLU’s Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office, on behalf of the Vice Rector for Research. The results will be incorporated into a self-evaluation report on knowledge and technology transfer, which the university is compiling as part of a so-called “Transfer-Audit” by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

Link to survey

30. Apr 2020

Entrepreneurship service starts digital consulting program

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The Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office (TEO) at MLU starts a digital consulting program. All start-up projects can be supported in the summer semester 2020. The offer basically comprises two online formats: the virtual start-up advice via video conference and the expert dialogue.

Further information (in German)

21. Apr 2020

Upcoming webinars for PhD students and postdocs by Young Entrepreneurs in Science

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28.04. Webinar: From PhD to Sciencepreneur
Explore your entrepreneurial strengths and meet our role models, who share challenges and opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

06.05. Webinar: Prototype your PhD
Practice Design Thinking and discover the potential of your own research to yield a product by building your first prototype.

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17. Feb 2020

F***Up Night Halle (February 20, 2020)

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Was ein Schlamassel – Unternehmer*innen reden übers Scheitern 
20. Februar, 20 Uhr, leerstehendes Kaufhaus, Große Ulrichstraße 13 (ehemals „XENOS“)
Der Eintritt ist frei.

Bei der F***Up Night Halle erzählen Entrepreneure öffentlich über gescheiterte Projekte, Geschäftsmodelle, Ideen und berichten, welche Chancen und Erkenntnisse diese Rückschläge für sie mit sich brachten.

Auf der Bühne stehen diesmal: 

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9. Jan 2020

Why, what, how? – Knowledge transfer and startups at MLU (January 28, 2020)

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18. Dec 2019

Find the right career path and be successful – Winterschool for Postdocs (March 2-6, 2020)

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Aims and scope

The ScienceCampus Halle – Plant-Based Bioeconomy is organising a winter school for postdocs and doctoral students at an advanced stage from 02 to 06 March 2020. The aim is to develop a professional orientation in the academic and non-academic field. Please note that the Winter School offers a selection of the following complementary skills workshop:

  • How to find your Job on the German Non-Academic Labour Market
  • Blast your fussy mind – Entrepreneurship as career option
  • Third-applications for one´s own position in the postdoc phase
  • Research data management
  • Intellectual Property rights and alternative forms of protection
  • How to use Networking to Advantage
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3. Dec 2019

iRTG Polymers: random coils and beyond – vacant slots

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3. Dec 2019

Young Entrepreneurs in Science | Workshop in Leipzig

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The four-day workshop series combines practical and interactive elements with knowledge of specific tools and methods to expose participants to new perspectives on their own career and development. Participants are encouraged to recognise and draw on their existing skills and potential. This approach aims to increase the chances of success for start-ups emerging from the German research community and thus to enhance the reputation of German universities as a talent incubator for excellent business and start-up ideas.

Next workshops in Leipzig (January 14-15 & 28-29, 2020)

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