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Complementary Skills Workshop 2020

14. Sep 2020

Upcoming courses in doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business”

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Please register for the following three upcoming courses:

  • Behavioral Business Ethics (winter term 2020/21) by Prof. Dr. Philipp Schreck,
  • Markets without Limits (December 02, 2020 and January 14, 2021),
  • Philosophical Ethics of Leadership (January 22/29, 2021)
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14. Sep 2020

[IAMO Graduate School] Free slots: Basic Principles of Research Design and Strategy (October 21-22, 2020)

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Quick-and-dirty number-crunching ‘quantoids’ face them. Carefully describing and interpreting ‘smooshes’ face them. No matter where they stand on ontological and epistemological grounds and how we stereotype the respective ‘other side’, all researchers face similar challenges posed to core issues of research design. A research design is a plan that specifies how you plan to carry out a research project and, particularly, how you expect to use evidence to answer your research question.

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9. Sep 2020

Open Science Webinars for MLU Postgraduate Students – (Sept-Nov 2020)

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The Open Science Team – ULB at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg is offering this workshop.


Come join us on a journey through the starting points of Open Science (OS). This webinar series is aimed at (but not restricted to) Postdocs and PhD students from different backgrounds and disciplines at the MLU. We want to talk to you about the possibilities and benefits of Open Science, which might help you at this earlier career stage. In seven web sessions, we will introduce you to a variety of OS topics, including an introduction to Open Science, data protection, legal and intellectual property rights, research data management, open educational resources (OER) etc.


We will use the MLU conference system MLUconf for delivering the webinars. You don’t need to register, just join us on the day and participate: 

The webinars will typically last 45 minutes with at least 15 minutes reserved for discussion and for answering questions from participants. The presentation will be available for consultation at a latter point via the Open Science website of the ULB:


23.09.20 at 1pm | Open Science – An introduction
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24. Aug 2020

How to convince in the job interview (October 5-6, 2020 | online)

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If you made it to the job interview you are already very successful: you wrote a convincing application. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go, not least because, as face-to-face situations, job interviews are much less controllable than written applications. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare job interviews. And we will practice them.

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16. Jul 2020

GMP online course by GMP Academy (August 24-27, 2020)

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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are guidelines for quality assurance in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and feed. Many companies expect GMP experience from graduates from the “Life Sciences”. In the pharmaceutical industry in particular, this is a key requirement for applicants.

The GMP Course focuses on topics that will be applicable to their industry position. We cooperate directly with well-known companies of the Life Science sector. Additionally you get the chance to come into contact with prospective employers.

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14. Jul 2020

[Ref 3.2] Intensive Preparatory English for Academics (July 27-August 21, 2020 | online)

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The goal of the course is to review both the basics of English grammar and tense structures, as well as, prepare students for writing long form texts in English.
A homework will be assigned at the end of every class, which is to be handed in that afternoon by email for correction.
This course is a four week, five sessions per week class.

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16. Jun 2020

English Academic Writing I: The Ground Rules of Writing Well (July 13-17, 2020 | online)

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This online workshop addresses junior and senior scholars from the social sciences and humanities who have good command of the English language, seek to improve their English writing skills, and strive to make their academic papers more idiomatic. The workshop seeks to create an awareness of the typical patterns of non-idiomatic writing to which non-native authors writing in English – and especially German-speaking academics – are prone and equip the participants with strategies to avoid these pitfalls.

The workshop comprises four half-day sessions (3.5–4 hours each) and will be conducted in English by two trainers who have a professional background in the social sciences and many years of experience in teaching English academic writing and in translating and editing academic texts by German-speaking scholars.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • You will be aware of some of the important characteristics of the English language that will help improve your writing.
  • You will be conscious of some of the pitfalls that especially German speakers are vulnerable to when writing in English and be familiar with strategies to avoid them.
  • You will be able to use this knowledge to develop a more fluent and lively style of writing.
  • You will be familiar with a wide range of resources, aids, and strategies to help you improve your writing.
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12. Jun 2020

KoWi-Webinar: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) Individual Fellowships (July 9, 2020)

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Content: The MSCA Individual Fellowships are aimed at experienced researchers who want to diversify their personal competence in terms of individual training as well as international and intersectoral mobility. Individual Fellowships are open to researchers of any nationality to acquire and transfer new skills and knowledge and to work on research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

On 9 July 2020, KoWi will offer a webinar with information and tips on how to apply for the MSCA Individual Fellowships call 2020. A representative of the Research Executive Agency (REA) will introduce the programme and a successful applicant will give valuable insights into praxis and tips for application. Additionally, KoWi will present tips for drafting a proposal and is happy to answer questions in the chat. Target group are interested applicants with a German host institution, potential supervisors, as well as multipliers from German host institutions.

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5. Jun 2020

Microscopy data: challenges of research data management and first approaches (June 24, 2020)

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3. Jun 2020

[Ref 3.2] Vacant slots at two online workshops

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There are vacant slots in two workshops offered by the staff development department (Ref 3.2) at MLU. Both workshops will be held in German.

Professionelle wissenschaftliche Betreuung: Wie entsteht eine produktive Betreuungsbeziehung, 11. – 12.06.2020 (Dozentin: Dr. Anne-Christin Warskulat)
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