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8. Jun 2022

Online-event „Marie Skłodowska-Curie-Programme” (June 23, 2022)

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The EU-Academic Network Saxony-Anhalt would like to invite you to the online-event Marie Skłodowska-Curie-Actions (MSCA) on the 23rd of June (2pm-5pm).

Speakers from the National Contact Point (NCP) MSC will present „Postdoctoral Fellowships“ in English and „Doctoral Networks“ in German language, added by examples of best practices of successful applicants:

  • 14:00-15:15: MSCA – Postdoctoral Fellowships: Funding opportunities of research projects of experienced researchers within and beyond Europe (in English)
  • 15:45-17:00: MSCA – Doctoral Networks: Funding opportunities of scientific networks and early-stage researchers (in German)

Please find the programme here and put your question in the chat.


For registration just send an e-mail to: By registering, you consent to the processing of your personal data: Erhebung personenbezogener Daten (Information nach Art. 13 DSGVO).

7. Jun 2022

Career paths of academics

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The newly released website Wissen Schafft Karriere (in German) provides a general overview of career paths in science as well as specific opportunities for a career at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU).

So what does a career in science at MLU look like? A doctorate is often the beginning of an academic career towards a professorship. And yet, the doctorate opens up many other career opportunities, both at MLU and at many other institutions.

The compatibility of family and career or one’s own health have a significant impact on professional development and career. The website also illustrates this and show support options in working life through MLU.

Last but not least, you will find statutes, regulations and templates for various decisions and guidelines relating to career options and organisation at MLU.

12. May 2022

Stipends for doctoral students from the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt

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Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) biannually provides funding for scholarships. The funding comes from the Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and Environment of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. Start of the funding for this call is in the winter semester.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants are those who

  • have demonstrated a special aptitude for academic work through well above-average study and examination results,
  • have completed a university degree,
  • is preparing for a doctorate at MLU,
  • presents a scientific project that is expected to make an important contribution to research, and
  • is supervised by a (non-retired) university lecturer at MLU.

The scholarship can be applied for every semester. As a rule, it is granted for a period of three years.

Application via faculties

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3. Mar 2022

[Ref 3.2] Drittmittelförderung mit der Möglichkeit zur Habilitation (7. April 2022 | online)

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Das Referat 3.2 – Personalentwicklung bietet diesen Kurs für die Zielgruppe der Postdocs an.

Verschiedene Fördermittelgeber bieten Programme an, die entweder direkt auf die Karriereentwicklung Richtung Habilitation abzielen oder dieses unterstützen können. Sie ermöglichen z.B. die eigenständige Forschung an eigenständige Forschung an eigenen Ideen, Finanzierung für die eigene Stelle (und ein eigenes Team) und sie bieten einen geeigneten Zeitrahmen.

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17. Jan 2022

Support for young scientists with care responsibilities

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Individuals who care for children or family members and teach and conduct research at the same time are currently facing very special challenges, as the Corona pandemic continues to result in frequent caregiver absences.

Please check the following document for your application to student assistant funds via FEMPOWER@MLU, a project of the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (website) at MLU.

Numerous studies show that the care of (younger) children and the care of relatives in particular leads to considerable burdens for the persons concerned and consequently to strong delays in their qualification and further career steps. The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity would like to mitigate this disadvantage in the form of personnel support by research assistants.

17. Jan 2022

Equality promotion 2022

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Calls for proposals for Women’s Grants 2022 (in German) at MLU via Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity are online.

Current calls for proposals:

  • Networking funds for the promotion of young female scientists in 2022: PhD students, postdocs, habilitation students and junior professors can apply for funding for 2022 for participation in conferences and further education measures as well as for working group meetings/research stays
  • Students assistant funds: support for female post-docs in research and teaching through auxiliary funds.
  • MINT tutorial funds: application for the establishment of additional MINT study courses by female students in SoSe 2022 and WiSe 2022/23: the costs for tutorials, workshops, working groups or similar in MINT subjects can be funded if female students carry them out.

Terms and application

  • Please contact your dean’s offices.
  • Applications will be sent to the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity via email through the dean’s offices.
  • Application deadline February 15, 2022.

7. Oct 2021

Funding possibilities for the postdoctoral phase (November 8-10, 2021)

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Part I (November 8, 2021) – Funding opportunities for research stays abroad as well as for the own position at home and abroad

The main topics of the workshop are funding possibilities for the postdoc phase (research stays abroad or scientific position in Germany). Funding opportunities from the EU, the DFG and the DAAD will be presented. Main target group are international doctoral candidates, who will finish their doctorate in the near future and postdoctoral researchers who have received their doctoral degree no longer than two years ago. The workshop is organised by the Department 6.1 – Research funding and cooperation and the International Office.


  • Date and time: Monday November, 8 2021, 1:00-5:15 pm
  • Venue: Hallischer Saal, Universitätsring 5, 06108 Halle
  • Seminar language: English
  • Lecturers: Dr. Sigrid Köhne & Dr. Claudia Hübner, Dep. 6.1 Research funding and cooperation, Esther Smykalla, International Office
  • Registration website

Part II (November 9-10, 2021) – Paid to research: how to prepare successful funding applications

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11. Jun 2021

EU-Forschungsförderung im Leitmarkt „Energie, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Ressourceneffizienz“ (EMAR) (July 1, 2021)

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EU-Fördermöglichkeiten im Leitmarkt „Energie, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Ressourceneffizienz” (EMAR) des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt am 1. Juli 2021 von 10.00 – 14.30 Uhr

Im Seminar wird die Leitmarktinitiative des Landes durch Hagen Fehse (EMAR-Koordinator) vorgestellt und über relevante Fördermöglichkeiten im Rahmen des neuen EU-Förderprogramms „Horizont Europa“ durch Referenten/-innen der Nationale Kontaktstelle Klima, Energie und Mobilität (NKS KEM) und der Nationale Kontaktstelle Digitale und Industrielle Technologien (NKS DIT) informiert.

Prof. Binder (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) und Kilian Hoffmann (Business Development Manager, TESVOLT GmbH) werden von ihren Erfahrungen mit erfolgreich beantragten Projekten zur Batterieforschung aus „Horizont 2020“ berichten.

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24. Nov 2020

Calls for women’s funding 2021 at MLU

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Calls for women’s grants at MLU are online.

Current announcements:

  • Network funds for the promotion of young female researchers in 2021: female doctoral students, postdocs, post-doctoral students, post-doctoral lecturers and junior professors can apply for funding for participation in conferences and further education measures as well as for working group meetings/research stays in 2021
  • Funds for graduate assistants: Support of female post-docs in research and teaching
  • MINT tutor resources: Application for the establishment of additional MINT study programs by female students in SoSe 2021 and WS 2021/22: The costs of tutorials, workshops, working groups, etc. in MINT subjects can be subsidized if female students conduct or participate in them. Attention: There will only be one call for proposals per year. Please plan your study programs accordingly for the long term.
  • Adaptation measures maternity/family leave: for (doctoral) students, MLU supports individual adaptation measures according to §§9, 13 MuSchG during pregnancy, breastfeeding and after childbirth in case of individual or job-related restrictions. Applications can be submitted at any time.
  • UniBund Mentoring Program for Post-Docs: As an advanced post-doctoral researcher, post-doctoral lecturer, junior researcher or junior professor, you will be given the opportunity to be individually accompanied and supported in your academic career by experienced mentors. Application period until 28.02.2021.

Please find the calls for proposals and application forms on the website.

Applications can be submitted to the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Office by e-mail by 15.01.2021 at the latest.

8. Sep 2020

[PostDoc News] Die Junge Akademie is looking for 10 new members

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In 2021 Die Junge Akademie is taking in ten new members. Applications are encouraged from committed and excellent young scientists and artists who enjoy interdisciplinary work for collaborative projects at the interface of science, art, society and politics. The application deadline is November 16, 2020.

Members have different backgrounds, ranging from Astrophysics to Law and Political Science to Philosophy of Science. They are elected for five years, during which they have access to a personal budget as well as to a joint research budget. 

A key requirement for membership in Die Junge Akademie is an outstanding dissertation. It should have been completed at least three, but no more than seven years prior to admission in Die Junge Akademie. Since then, the candidate should also have published at least one or more outstanding academic paper(s). Applications from artists are also welcome. Dedicated collaboration in Die Junge Akademie is expected.

Please note that while our members live and work internationally, participation in Die Junge Akademie requires sufficient proficiency in German. Please refer to the German website for further information.

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