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Structured doctoral programs at Faculties of Medicine

24. Jul 2023

Research Training Group “Inflammatory cues as modulators of early pancreatic carcinogenesis (InCuPanC)” (GRK 2751)

Written by

spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Jonas Rosendahl, coordinator: Sina Krehahn (admin.) (funding 2022-2026)

Chronic inflammation is an important risk factor for numerous malignancies including pancreatic cancer. In established pancreatic tumors, the impact of the inflammatory tumor microenvironment has been extensively studied during recent years. However, knowledge about the molecular circuits triggering inflammation-induced early pancreatic carcinogenesis is still very limited. Therefore, this Research Training Group (RTG) aims to systematically decipher the influence of different inflammatory cues on the transition from preinvasive precursor lesions to invasive cancers during early pancreatic carcinogenesis. [read more]

10. Jan 2020

Hallesches Doctoral Certificate Programme in Medicine (HaPKoM)

Written by

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Michael Bucher, coordinator: Michael Marquardt
(founded in 2012)

Dissertation topics in particular (i.e. but not exclusively) in the area of the two research foci of the Medical Faculty are cancer research/ molecular medicine of signal transduction and clinical epidemiology and nursing research. [read more]

The doctoral certificate program comprises all structured doctoral programs of the Medical Faculty of Martin Luther University. It is an instrument of the Medical Faculty for the promotion of young scientists. website

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