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5. Jul 2022

[TU Freiberg] Future Workshop KlinGas – (August / September 2022 | online)

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Your expertise is needed! Have you wanted to take action against climate change for a long time? Then get involved!

What does “Future Workshop KlinGas – Climate Neutral Natural Gas Substitution” mean?

Young scientists from the three regionally networked “coal states” Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt are invited to contribute their expertise to this transdisciplinary discussion process. In order to do so, doctoral students and postdocs from many disciplines, including engineering, material sciences, natural sciences, geosciences, economics as well as social sciences, political sciences, law, computer science, mathematics and journalism are required.

In a structured discussion process, KlinGas focuses primarily on the natural gas sector and deal with the question exemplarily for Germany and Europe:

  • How can the entire natural gas demand of the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt be substituted in a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly way within a very short time (1-2 years)?
  • What is required for this and what specific steps must be taken to achieve this?
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1. Nov 2021

[UFZ] Moving into a sustainable future – How we can rethink our world (November 30, 2021)

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The talk

  • “Moving into a sustainable future – How we can rethink our world”
  • by Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel
  • from 5-7 pm
  • on November 30, 2021

is part of the Helmholtz Environmental Lecture (HEL). The talk will be in German.

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