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All posts tagged ‘supervision‘

8. Dec 2023

What supervisors want / Was Betreuende erwarten

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The relationship between doctoral researchers and their supervisors influences the pathway and success of a doctoral project and is a crucial factor for the start of an academic career (Ives & Rowley 2007). It is thus all the more important that both parties deal with the perspective, expectations and needs of the other side. With the project […]

9. Feb 2022

[IAMO/IPB GS] Successfully shaping the doctoral phase (February-April 2022 | online)

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There are free slots in this workshop series organised by the IAMO Graduate School and Leibniz Research School PlantBioChem at IPB. A productive and professional supervision relationship makes a decisive contribution to the success of the doctorate. The workshop series aims to empower supervisors and doctoral researchers in establishing a fruitful supervision relationship. Considering the specific […]

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