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All posts tagged ‘survey‘

20. Nov 2023

[TU Berlin] DFG project ”Functions and consequences of unemployment in researcher’s careers“

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A research group at TU Berlin is currently conducting a DFG-funded research project on unemployment in academic careers.  What the group want to find out is how and whether researchers continue to do research during the time when they are not paid for it, and to what extent continuing to work (or not continuing to […]

23. Oct 2023

[U Heidelberg] Study on the topic of Time Use, Networking Behavior & Visibility in the academic field

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The Chair of Organizational Behavior of the Alfred Weber Institute (AWI) for Economics at the University of Heidelberg is looking for participants for a study on the topic of Time Use, Networking Behavior & Visibility in the academic field. Participants (female/male/diverse) should already be at the Postdoc phase of their academic career or beyond. The […]

8. Aug 2023

Bilingual doctoral students (German|English) wanted for study!

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For the translation of an English-language questionnaire to assess a person’s personality, one of MLU’s doctoral students is looking for people who are proficient in both German and English at a native-speaker level. Participation consists of answering two online questionnaires one week apart (date 1: approx. 30 min, date 2: approx. 25 min). The first […]

31. Jul 2023

Request for services and infrastructures for research data management

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This survey by the Research Data Management Working Group of the IT Commission of the State of Saxony-Anhalt requests your feedback on the state of research data management in the state’s universities. With this survey, the IT Commission would like to ask about the infrastructure needs for research data management at the various institutions in […]

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