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9. Apr 2024

Election of the PhD Representatives 2024

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The time has come! – the doctoral student representatives at MLU Halle-Wittenberg will be elected for the second time. This means that all doctoral students at this university have the opportunity to vote and elect their representatives between May 16 and May 27, 2024. However, they not only have the right to vote, but also can be elected themselves.

So if you feel that you would like to represent the interests of doctoral students in your faculty or the Senate, please contact your representation (for information) or fill in the form directly (between April 3 and April 23, 2024). Further information on the procedure can be found on the website of the election committee.

The active PhD representatives – have set themselves the final task of making this election a success. This means that at least two people from each of MLU’s nine faculties will stand for election so that each faculty is represented in the respective council meetings as well as in the doctoral student council.

More at the website of the PhD representatives.

Über Thomas Michael

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