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Structured doctoral programs at Faculty of Philosophy II

10. Jan 2020

Doctoral program “Language – Literature – Society”

Written by

spokesperson: PD Dr. Anja Oesterhelt, coordinator: Felix Kraft

The contents of the study program are designed to make the interdisciplinary dialogue from the individual philologies fruitful for an understanding of modern societies in terms of cultural studies and to relate to discourse patterns of different language areas and cultures. Within the framework of the offered research program, the literary, comparative and linguistic approaches and methods are devoted primarily to the interrelationships of influence between literature or language and the formations of social and cultural reality from the 19th century to the present. Following the procedures of postmodern theory-building to focus on the constructed nature of social reality, the reality of social constructs is the focus of research interest here. [read more]

With the doctoral program Language – Literature – Society, the Faculty of Philosophy II of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg provides a research-oriented, interdisciplinarily structured teaching programme for doctoral candidates in linguistics, speech and literature., website

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