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29. Nov 2021

Public Speaking and Rhetorics (January 20, 2022 | online)

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Your personal appearance is your most important communication tool:
Create sympathy, guarantee a positive exchange and leave a competent impression.
The voice contributes to a large extent to your personal impact – in presentations and in conversations.
Get to know your voice. Feel the connections between body, breath and voice.
Learn what you can do to make your voice available as a reliable and versatile instrument to play on.


Convincing, self-assured and confident appearance, so that competence, teamwork and communication skills are conveyed. So that you can consciously use his voice guidance in conflict situations to defuse the situation, strengthen trust and convey target-oriented solutions. Social and communicative skills are promoted so that conversations can be made more effective.

Part 1 – Speech technology theory
Effect of voice guidance and non-verbal signals: facial expressions & gestures & posture on the listener.

Modulation techniques to convey content more effectively:

  • Motivational speaking to present content in a more interesting and stimulating way.
  • To make information understandable more quickly and to achieve a better absorption of the content.
  • Conscious conversation also means conscious voice guidance.
  • Conscious use of facial expressions & gestures & posture

Background: statement analysis by G. Maletzke, transaction analysis by Eric Berne, basic laws of speaking, theory of speech training.

Part 2 Phonetic training
The practical exercises serve:

  • the voice structure,
  • The resonance chamber exercises of the vocal power to avoid hoarseness and to develop a voice presence and to build up a quiet voice as well as to prevent voice fatigue.
  • Breathing exercises, energetic speaking, tone of voice.
  • The modulation exercises of conscious expressiveness, clear communication and effective information transfer. Avoid speaking too quickly.

These technical speaking exercises, which serve to speak effectively, strengthen the conscious external impact of the speaker in order to radiate competence and sovereignty. Conversations can be controlled more consciously. Effect of facial expressions, gestures and voices in conversation.
Consolidation of vocal techniques.
Tension breaks and modulation training:

  • motivational speech technique
  • Competent demeanor
  • Confident conversation

Working with a voice analyzer. Visualize the speaking voice. Voice analysis of the individual participants to enable an individual voice training.

Part 3 Rhetoric & the power of the voice
Rhetorical argumentation patterns & non-verbal communication
Conveying content in a targeted manner. Optimize conversation processes. Active conversation skills.
Use :

  • discussions are conducted more effectively and in a more targeted manner
  • The competence is strengthened!

Part 4 – Implementation of the techniques on a presentation & lecture
Clarity and vividness of the presentation:

  • How does the voice support the presentation template
  • How are headings, sub-items and lists implemented vocally
  • How do I structure the template using the voice and modulation techniques
  • How does the gesture support the presentation template

To use:

  • faster perception of the content by the listener
  • easier memorization of the presentation content for the speaker

Intended training results

You develop your expressiveness, which enables you to appear confident, and ensures professional transfer of knowledge and skills and strengthens your competence.

Term and Application

  • January 20, 2022
  • Format: online
  • Group size: maximum 12
  • Workshop-Language: English

Registration | closed


Ulrike Semmelrock


This workshop has been realised with financial support from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

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