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8. Apr 2020

[TRR227] Update: Time and career management for scientists (webinar no vacant slot| May 7 & 28)

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Update: All slots of the online webinar of the iRTG of SFB/TRR 227 “Ultrafast Spin Dynamics” are filled. The webinar is equivalent to two workshop days, spread over three weeks. This course includes two live webinar sessions on May 7th and 28th.

In this course you will learn…
The basic principles of time-management

  • What do I want to achieve this year professionally and personally?
  • Your 168 hours: How much do you actually work? How much of this is towards your goals?
  • For what to spend time?
  • How to (not) schedule your calendar?
  • E-mails, meetings and phone calls
  • Science-life balance
  • Time-management during Home-Office

Further information at the website of the iRTG “Ultrafast Spin Dynamics”

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