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4. May 2020

Summer semester remains digital

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Please find below an English summary of the announcement by the Rector of our university on May 4, 2020.

  • courses in the summer semester will be largely conducted digitally and only in exceptional cases attendance courses, examinations and aptitude tests will take place
  • Attendance events are only possible by way of exception if the applicable hygiene standards are observed, especially with regard to physical contacts and distances
  • Exceptional cases: events which serve to impart practical skills and abilities necessary for training – e.g. in laboratory internships in scientific study courses, examination, skills lab or dissection courses in medical studies, artistic and creative techniques, practical sports courses or music lessons
  • Examinations: here, the possibilities of alternative forms of examination (e.g. lectures in a video conference, homework) are to be examined and used as far as possible
  • the Rectorate, together with the ZUV and the faculties, will take the necessary precautions this week (including the development of hygiene and infection protection plans) so that limited classroom operations in exceptional areas of the university will be possible from the beginning of next week
  • concentration on events that require presence for didactic or content-related reasons and cannot be replaced by digital formats.
  • the University and State Library (ULB) has already resumed lending operations at five locations from 1pm today
  • In summary the summer semester 2020 will continue as a digital semester. Personal contacts and physical presence remain restricted. Home office as well as digital courses and examinations without physical presence will continue to be the determining factors.
  • thanks a lot to all lecturers and the staff of the central and decentralised institutions once again for their commitment
  • many thanks to our students, who have accepted the challenges of digital teaching and examinations and who are meeting them with great commitment.

Über Thomas Michael

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