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8. Sep 2020

DFG Emphasises Importance of Sex, Gender and Diversity to Research Projects

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Statement of the Senate and website providing information for all scientific disciplines / President Katja Becker: “Reflecting on these dimensions is crucial to the quality of research”

Taking sex, gender and diversity into account in the preparation and implementation of a research project helps to eliminate blind spots and thus increase the scientific quality of the results. For instance, research into the risks of osteoporosis in men has long been neglected, however, it is now known that around one-third of men are affected and require effective treatment. Furthermore, crash test dummies, modelled on both male and female bodies, illustrate individual injury risks for each sex and help to prevent them. In a statement, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) stressed the importance of taking sex, gender and diversity into account in research projects. In doing so, it is adopting a leading role in the German research system. […]

from DFG Press Release No. 18 | 4 September 2020

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