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14. Oct 2020

[PhD network] Team Communication (October 28, 2020 | online)

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Teamwork can be a lot of fun and increase the productivity and creativity of the whole team. However, open and honest communication within the team is essential for this. Therefore, this workshop will introduce you to the soft skills required for successful communication and collaboration in a team. You will learn to be sensitive to team processes and team dynamics in order to become a strong part of the team. 

Your benefit

This workshop introduces you to the soft skills needed for successful team communication and collaboration. You will learn to

  • be sensitive for team processes and team dynamics
  • become a strong part of the team
  • reflect on your team positions in the past and where you want to be in futureteams
  • avoid and manage conflicts in teams


  • Team dynamics
  • Starting on the right foot
  • Efficient communication in teams
  • Social bonding in teams as a way to improve communication and collaboration
  • Awareness for one’s typical positions in teams by reflection
  • Different conflict styles in teams


  • Interactive presentation of concepts and instruments
  • Sharing practical examples and leveraging students’ insights and experi-ences
  • Discussion in plenary, work in break-out groups, and peer feedback


Dr. Sascha Bosetzky

Terms and Applications

  • October 28, 2020: 1:30pm – 4:00pm
  • Group-Size maximum 12
  • Workshop language: English
  • Format: online workshop
  • Applications are considered in chronological order of receipt. You get info.


Please register for the workshop at the website of the PhD network.

Über Thomas Michael

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