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18. Dec 2020

Quality Assurance in Medical Doctorates (new UniWiND publication)

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The recent UniWiND publication Volume 11 presents the results of the UniWiND working group “Quality Assurance in Medical Doctorates”, which worked from 2018-2020. The working group has devoted itself to the special features of doctoral studies in medicine, which, in contrast to doctorates in other subjects, are usually carried out during studies and for this reason are often the subject of criticism. Quality assurance plays an even more important role.

In order to investigate the framework conditions and existing measures for quality assurance, the workgroup conducted a survey, which was answered by the majority of medical faculties in Germany. The result of the evaluation of this survey as well as science policy publications is this volume, in which the AG formulates recommendations for each phase in the doctoral process and presents Promising Practices.

Link to UniWiND-Publikation Band 11 “Qualitätssicherung in der medizinischen Promotion” (in German only)

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