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10. Jun 2021

Information on dealing with the corona virus

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Starting on June 12, 2021, lecturers are free to choose whether they continue to offer their courses digitally, or as a hybrid format. The same also applies to examinations. (resolution & addition in German)
Winter semester 2021/22 will take place as a hybrid semester with as much attendance as possible. The pandemic-related time slots for the implementation of the courses will remain in place; as a precaution, the reduced space capacities due to the distance regulations will be used as a basis for the room planning. Further details can be found in the following resolution (in German).

Official trips to non-high-incidence areas are possible. Please check the announcement (in German) for details and restrictions.

(source: newsletter #Update 10./18.06.2021)

Doctoral defences
  • the Rectorate of MLU recommends doctoral defences in digital form
  • the consent of all parties involved is required
  • the final decision on the performance in digital form is made by the Dean or the doctoral committee in accordance with the relevant doctoral regulations
  • If, an oral doctoral examination is to be held in person, the relevant hygiene guidelines of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the university are to be applied

from “Beschluss des Rektorats vom 20. Mai 2020 zur Durchführung von Promotionsverteidigungen im Sommersemester 2020” (link).

You can find further information, at the

An archive of relevant documents by the city of Halle can be found here.

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