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15. Oct 2021

[Graduate schools] free slots in workshops (October & November 2021)

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“Stress management” (October 28-29, 2021)

The Research Training Group “Intrinsically Disordered Proteins – Molecular Principles, Cellular Functions, and Diseases (GRK 2467)” organizes the workshop “Stress management”. It will take place online 9:30AM – 12:30PM 28th & 29th October 2021.

There are spaces left so please join the workshop in case of interest by contacting Claudia Spielmann.

The workshop is based on exploring

  • The self-critical inner voices that sabotage your motivation and enjoyment for your work;  
  • How your mindset can help or hinder your day-to-day life and your future career prospects;  
  • How certain maladaptive coping strategies (e.g. procrastination and avoidance) maintain these selfsabotaging thought and behaviour cycles.  
  • How to reshape your thinking and behaviour patterns to work for you in pursuit of your goals.

The workshop is conducted by Desiree Dickerson

Planning the completion of your dissertation (November 3-4, 2021)

The International Graduate School “Functional Polymers (AgriPoly-FP)” organizes the workshop “Planning the completion of your dissertation” on November 3-4, 2021.

Date: November 3rd & 4th, 2021
Time: 2 -5 pm

Towards the end of your doctoral study many questions arise, which are discussed in this module. The course addresses the many factors affecting the effective structuring of the final phase of your doctorate, and focusses on proven methods that will form the framework of clear future perspectives.

  • Structure of the final phase in terms of focus, priorities, and scheduling
  • Planning and focussing on the writing process and the correction phase
  • Dismantling practical and psychological barriers to writing
  • Strategic issues for co-operation partners and supervisors during and after the dissertation
  • Self-representation as an expert in the chosen research field and in the post-PhD market
  • Positioning platforms & further career development
  • Online and in-person networking skills

Trainer: Mark Edwards (

There are spaces left so please join the workshop in case of interest via registration at:

Über Thomas Michael

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