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13. Dec 2023

Successful Networking for Personal Branding (March 6, 2024)

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As a scientist, your reputation is your personal brand. You’re going to have one whether you choose to influence it in a particular direction or not. How others perceive you stems largely in part from your research results, your behaviors, and your overall actions. Just as in the business world, your personal brand is what defines how successful you can become, and it’s vital that you spend a portion of your resources to cultivate and protect it. In this workshop we will explore networking as an important aspect of those efforts. 


  1. Exploring your ‘presence’ and receiving feedback from the group
  2. Developing a workable elevator pitch
  3. Increasing your self-awareness
  4. The opportunity to examine critically both your professional identity and your value proposition


  • Start:
    What is a network?
    Why do people hesitate to network?
    What types of networks are there?
  • Explore:
    How do I present myself to others?
    How do others succeed at networking?
    What behaviours can I practice?
    How can I shift my mindset about the important role that others can play in my development and professional chances?
  • Transfer:
    Have an elevator pitch ready.
    Make the most of your presence and feel more comfortable when reaching out to others.

Target Audience

Doctoral students and postdocs

Terms and Applications

  • March 6, 2024: 9 am – 4 pm 
  • Format: on-site at MLU
  • Location: Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, SR: 5.10 (roof level)
  • Group size: maximum 12
  • Workshop-Language: English
  • Applications are considered in chronological order of receipt. You get information.


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    Dr. Claudia Benassi completed her PhD in Modern Culture and Media at Brown University (US) and gained numerous experience as a workshop facilitator at Max-Planck-Institute as well as in the area of global leadership development & executive coaching. Furthermore she designed customised programs in Executive Education at business schools. She understood the power of networking as a tool in all learning and working environments, which she wants to convey in her workshop.


    This workshop has been realised with financial support from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

    Über Lilly Teresa Kube

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