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14. Feb 2024

[IAMO GS] Thesis Defense Training (February 28-29, 2024)

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There are free slots in the following workshop organised by the IAMO Graduate School.

This workshop is aimed at doctoral candidates who want to engage in intensive preparation for their disputation. With practical tips and exercises, the participants learn how to structure their introductory presentation, how to build up the central argument, how to deal with criticism, “killer-questions”, stage fright and black-outs, etc. Up to three participants get the chance to practice their full presentation. More information and registration details are available here.

This workshop prepares you intensively and compactly for your defense and is especially recommended for doctoral researchers who are in their third year or above.

If you want to join, please send a short email to the coordinator, Franziska Schaft ().

Über Thomas Michael

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