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11. Apr 2024

[IAMO GS] Developing Intercultural Competence for the Global Workplace (April 24-25, 2024)

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There are free slots in a workshop organised by the IAMO Graduate School.

The ability to communicate interculturally is also becoming a key competence for many career paths within and outside academia in today’s networked and globalized working world. This two-day workshop offers valuable insights for self-regulated cultural learning and enhances intercultural competence in diverse settings. Participants get equipped with essential skills and tools in cross-cultural negotiation and conflict management. 

The workshop is held by Alexia Petersen, a Canadian with multicultural background. Alexia teaches workshops on intercultural communication at the RWTH Aachen (Aachen University) and is frequently invited to teach at other universities throughout Germany and abroad.

This workshop is open to doctoral researches at all stages of their doctorates. The topic is particularly relevant for all doctoral candidates who (want to) work in an international working environment.

If you want to join, please send a short email to the coordinator, Franziska Schaft ().

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