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22. Jan 2020

Doctoral program “Languages – Texts – Society. Interpreting Asia and Europe”

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spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Ralf Elger, Prof. Dr. Christian Oberländer, coordinator: NN

The doctoral program supports research work which, on the basis of philological as well as humanities, cultural and social science findings, theories and methods, deals with texts from different language areas, cultures and epochs, with regard to their cultural and social relevance. The methods used in the doctoral theses cover a broad spectrum (discourse analysis, editing, sociology of literature, media analysis, source criticism, structural analysis, text-immanent interpretation, recognition of historical contexts, etc.) and include in particular analysis using digital technology. The diversity of the cultures and linguistic genres dealt with is intended to ensure that overcoming the European horizon does not lead to thinking in simple dichotomies (“East” and “West” etc.). [read more]

The doctoral programme “Languages – Texts – Society. Interpreting Asia and Europe” is an interdisciplinary course of study in the field of philological and regional science-oriented humanities. It aims to convey philological methods as central instruments of cultural and social science analysis and is offered by the Oriental Institute at MLU. website

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