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14. Sep 2021

Lindau Guidelines 2020 released

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The Lindau Guidelines aim for an open, cooperative science community where data and knowledge are freely shared. The goals are ambitious, and their implementation can be achieved through different methods. The goals have been discussed, amended and refined, and were released after the Online Science Days in June 2020.

10 Goals in Brief

  1. Adopt an Ethical Code
  2. Cooperate Globally on Global Problems
  3. Share Knowledge
  4. Publish Results Open Access
  5. Publish Data to Repositories
  6. Work Transparently & Truthfully
  7. Change Reward Systems
  8. Support All Talent
  9. Communicate to Society
  10. Engage in Education

The Lindau Guidelines 2020 are based on an initiative first introduced by Elizabeth Blackburn during the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting held in Lindau, Germany, in June 2018.

She called upon the 600 young scientists in the audience to develop and support a new approach for global, sustainable and cooperative open science. While they were formulated with basic research as their primary focus, their principles and goals can be applied to all types and disciplines of science.

Further information and full guideline at:

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