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20. Jan 2023

[WCGE] upcoming workshops SoSe2023

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The doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business” offers the following workshops to doctoral students at MLU

THE RISE OF VICTIMHOOD CULTURE (April 27-28, 2023) by Prof. Dr. Ingo Pies, MLU

CONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE: HOW TO NAVIGATE AND LEARN IN POLARIZED DEBATES (April 17 and May 4, 2023) by Prof. Dr. Markus Beckmann FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

ECONOMIC ETHICS (April 20-21, 2023) by Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek HHL Graduate School of Management

“NORMATIVE METHODS” (June 8-9, 2023) by PD Dr. Lisa Schmalzried

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